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OMR Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions on the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) System.

1. How can I get started using the OMR system?

First, instructors need to obtain the scan sheets and complete the required info sheet, key sheet, weight sheet (optional), and scoring sheet (optional), and distribute blank scan sheets to each student. Instructors can bring the completed scan sheets to the NDSU IT Help Desk in QBB 150 to scan the sheets.

2. Can OMR services be used to grade exams?

Yes, OMR services can be used to score exams designed with both objective (multiple-choice, true-false) questions or subjective (short answer, essay) questions. Instructors must manually determine the points earned by each student for subjective questions and add the points to the results of the machine-scored objective questions.

3. How can I use OMR services to improve exam administration?

It can help to streamline the exam administration process by eliminating the need for manual grading and reducing the risk of errors. Instructors can also use the system to generate reports and analyze the results of exams, which can help to identify areas where students may be struggling and inform future instruction.

4. Can OMR services be used for other types of assessments?

It can be used for other assessments, such as surveys, evaluations, and feedback forms. Instructors can use the system to collect and analyze data from these assessments, which can inform instructional decisions and improve the overall learning experience for students.

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