Qualtrics - Why did my survey quit working suddenly?

Outlines the reasons why surveys stop delivering email responses and why surveys do not collect any responses even when they are still active.

    Why surveys do not collect any responses even when they are still active?

    The first thing to look at is who owns the survey.  Is the owner still a student/staff/faculty at NDSU?  If the answer is no, you've figured out why the survey stopped operating.  When the owner of a survey leaves NDSU, ownership of the survey must be transferred.  NDSU deactivates the Qualtrics account on the owner's last day.  This problem will not be solved by sharing the survey.  There can only be one owner, and it must be a user, not a department.

    Steps for locating the survey's owner.

    1. On the project listing page click on the gear icon
    2. Check Owner option

    Showing step one finding out the owner.  Showing the project listing page and step one is click on the gear icon

     Step 2 to find out the owner of the survey.  Click on the options owner

    Step 3 is showing the project page showing the owner by the survey

    If the owner is still at NDSU, double-check the survey's dates to ensure it is still active.

    Steps for confirming survey dates have the survey open.

    1. Click on Survey option icon
    2. Find Responses tab click on that tab and scroll down until you see Survey availability

    Checking dates of survey step 1 showing where to find survey options

    Step 2 finding date of the survey.  Find Responds tab on the left and then scroll down until you see Survey availability.

    How do you transfer a survey to a new owner?

    Send an email to Linda Charlton Gunderson stating who the current owner is, the survey name, and who the future owner should be.  To transfer the survey, please ensure that the recipient has a Qualtrics account.  If you're transferring before the deadline, please mention the date you would prefer the transfer to take place.

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