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Workflow can be used to send an automatic email to you and/or to send a copy of the responses or information to each respondent. Workflow can be defined as an action that you want Qualtrics to perform, such as collecting emails and sending out survey links to respondents. A very helpful feature for applications or forms is the ability to get information each time a user submits a survey.

    Workflow - Email Action

    1. Workflow
    2. + Create a workflow
    3. Started when an event is received
    4. Survey response
    5. Check to make sure that Newly created response and keep the language the response was received in are checked (they should be default settings) Click Finish
    6. Name the Workflow 
    7. click on the +
    8. Add task or condition
    9. Find the Email task
    10. To: can be pipped from the survey if you want to send the message back to the responded by clicking the {a} and find the email address question or you can type email address
    11. Subject for the email
    12. When you can pick when you want to email to go out I normally use the default Immediately
    13. If you are using your own email and using Include Response Report, all you have to do is press the space bar in this box. The space will allow the message to satisfy the requirement.  You can pipe the respondent's responses if you would like cleaner look 
    14. Include Response Report (which includes the survey respondent's responses).  You do not need to check this if you piped the respondents' responses into the message because it will be repeat information.
    15. If Include Response Report was checked make sure that you change the Expiration: to Never
    16. Optional to change Embedded Data if Included Response Report was checked

    When attempting to download a pdf of responses from an action or downloaded data, you will see the error "Request expired" if steps 15 and 16 are not changed.

    showing Workflow tab

    where to find +Create a workflow

    Where to find Started when an event is received

    Survey response

    checking the settings before hitting finish

    Add a task

    Where to find Email

    Email message

    Expiration setting

    Add a condition this would go before task

    1. Add a condition
    2. Decide Any of the following are true or All of the following are true
    3. Decide what the condition is based on Question, Embedded Data, Quota, Status, GeoIP Location, Response, Respondent
    4. If you are based on a Question you would pick the question 

    add a condition

    Deciding the condition

    Here is example using Question as a condition.

    Example of condition

    How can you know whether a workflow has failed?

    On your Qualtrics home page you will see Your workflows summary and if you set workflow notifications.  

    Your workflows summary

    Setting up Notifications

    In the workflow...

    1. Settings
    2. Search for the person you would like to notify of workfail.
    3. Add
    4. check Tigger failure and Task failure
    5. Apply

    Workflow Notifications settings

    Trigger failure and task failure settings

    When you copy a survey using a workflow, warning messages appear in the workflow

    Before it will allow you to activate the workflow, you must fix the warning notice. A survey's workflow has to be renamed and activated when survey is copied.

    Warning message

    showing workflow error message

    Start naming those workflows

    I would recommend naming the workflows maybe the same as the survey or something meaningful. Without naming them you will see a full pages of new workflow or new action and will not know what workflow ran in the history.

    Named - Deleted Workflow

    If you see statuses for an workflow named Deleted Workflow, chances are you deleted the attached workflow. Be careful when you do this – the records are still there, but the workflow itself is irretrievable.

    About Workflows Run & Revision Histories

    Warning: Workflows run and revision history data is only retained for 30 days after a workflow has been triggered. Once this timeframe has passed, any reporting on that workflow is deleted.

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