Qualtrics - Tips for Results Reports, Filter Reports and Results Breakout Reports

Learn to create results breakdown reports, reduce paper, create filter report and make reports easier to read.

    Results vs Reports

    Results have charts and statistics for every question automatically, whereas reports require you to construct a widgets for each question in order to access the charts and statistics, unless you base your report on the results page. Future versions of Qualtrics will no longer include the results tab. Locate the results tab at the top of your survey while it is open. When you copy a survey, the results reports will copy, but the reports will not.

    Creating result reports that use less paper and are simpler to read

    Results per page setting

    You can conserve paper by setting the text responds to 100 when you have an open-ended question. The default setting is 5 per page.

    1. Results
    2. Scroll to the text question (do not click on the question on the left side, as this will remove the question from the result report).
    3. Click in the center, where the text responses are, and then scroll to the right to get Results per page.
    4. Drag the dot all the way to the right.

    Showing where to find Results and text question

    showing where to find results per page

    Charts of the Matrix or Side by Side question type can be set up to make them easier to read.

    1. Click the chart region for the Matrix or Side by Side question type 
    2. Make sure the following are checked Stacked Bars and Show Bar Labels
    3. Click Transpose

    Matrix question settings to make the chart easier to read

    After the settings are done here is the difference

    Showing the easier to read chart

    Creating Add Report Breakout 

    A breakout report or result has the advantage of allowing you to compare results for all males and females for each question.

    1. create a copy of the result/report
      1. Results
      2. Default Report
      3. Copy Report
      4. Name Report (Breakout)

    Making a copy of report

    Naming the copy report

    1. Turn on the Add Report Breakout on the copy report
    2. Pick the question you are wanting to break out by

    picking the question you are breaking out by

    Example of question showing Breakout

    Showing example what the breakout looks like

    Creating a Filter Report

    This report will only show how Males answered the survey

    1. Create a copy of the result/report
      1. Results
      2. Default Report
      3. Copy Report
      4. Name Report (Male)
    2. Pick the question
    3. Select Operator
    4. Select Operand

    Making copy of the default report

    Name the copy

    Add Filter and picking question

    Select Operator

    Select Operand

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