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YuJa Video Quizzes and Best Practices

This page presents a summary of YuJa video quizzes as well as related best practices.

    YuJa Video Quizzes

    YuJa Video Quizzes can allow instructors to embed quizzes or reflective questions within videos thereby promoting interaction and engagement. Quizzes can be used for self-assessment or as a graded assessment in Blackboard Learn Original. This YuJa feature enables students to actively engage with videos, check-in on students’ learning, and provide time to pause, think, and reflect on video content.

    Best Practices for YuJa Video Quizzes

    1. Be comfortable with how YuJa quizzes are created and played to help explain to students.
    2. Have a plan for what you want to accomplish with YuJa Video Quizzes. What is your goal – promote interactivity, check-in student knowledge, or provide reflection time?
    3. Set the quiz parameters correctly and use the preview feature to test the quiz to ensure it functions correctly.
    4. Check the quiz for typos and formatting errors before making it available to students.
    5. Provide students with instructions and guidelines for taking the quizzes within YuJa video.
    6. If needed, set a timeline for when the quiz will be available and when it must be completed.
    7. After completing the quiz, review all student responses and scores and provide a feedback summary of the results to students.

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