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AVAYA Workplace Installation For Individuals With NDSU Managed Computers.

A tutorial on how to install AVAYA workplace on NDSU managed computers

Avaya Workplace is a soft phone application that emulates your University telephone extension on your Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.  This allows you to answer calls and originate calls.

  • For Mobile devices originating calls the calling party sees your University telephone number rather than your Mobile Device number

AVAYA Workplace reduces cell phone (mobile) minutes usage when used over WiFi and provides convenient mobile access to your University telephone.

How to get it – telephone administrators must order on the online requisition form.   The app will not function until it has been enabled by VCS staff.  The online requisition form needs to include the following information:

  • For a mobile device, indicate the name of the user, the NDSU phone number, the cellphone number and email address.
  • For a computer, indicate the name of the user, the NDSU phone number, email address and the computer number.  When installing this on a computer a software location program called Gatekeeper will also be installed.  When using the desktop application, the user will need to maintain the correct location they are at in the Gatekeeper program.

NDSU softphone applications should not be used to call emergency services (911):

  • Providing accurate 911 location information can be affected by many factors including, but not limited to, power outages, device or operating system malfunctions, data network or equipment malfunctions/outages, telephone system malfunctions/outages, as well as other unforeseen issues.
  • Softphone applications utilize a variety of underlying or dependent technologies to provided 911 location information, each having different capabilities and limitations.  Some of these may require settings to be continually and accurately maintained in the application by the end user.
  • Installation of softphone applications on personally owned devices may introduce unanticipated conditions that could affect the application’s ability to function, send 911 location information, etc.

For individual users with NDSU managed computers:

  1. If you previously received and installed the app from VCS (via a method other than downloading from Software Center on your computer) you will need to Uninstall that Avaya app before installing the new app from Software Center. If you don't need to uninstall a previous app proceed to step 15.
  2. You will need to make yourself admin before completing these steps to do so
  3. Click the screenshot  on your machine and type Make me Admin.
  4. Click on Make Me Admin
  5. screenshot 
  6. Click on Grant Me Administrator Rights
  7. screenshot
  8. You will see this pop up on your computer
  9. screenshot
  10. Click search bar and type Uninstall
  11. n
  12. Click open
  13. Find app and click uninstall
  14. a
  15. Click the screenshot on your machine and type Software Center
  16. u
  17. Click on AVAYA Workplace
  18. r
  19. Click Install
  20. a
  21. Note: This takes quite a while
  22. Close the window when done
  23. When completed these two new icons on the desktop
  24. screenshot
  25. Open the s on the desktop
  26. A 
  27. Click configure my account
  28. a
  29. Enter your NDSU affiliated email address
  30. number 20
  31. Select Use_NDSU_Credentials and click next
  32. a
  33. Enter your credentials for CAS
  34.  V
  35. Verify your DUO
  36. You're in the app top of mind window
  37. t
  38. Next open the Gatekeeper application screenshot
  39. screenshot
  40. Click in the box on Name to enter name info and on phone number to enter phone number in the 11-digit format. Then click set.
  41. screenshot
  42. Click on the blue circle to add your location info
  43. screenshot 
  44. Enter your location info and click validate. Once the address has been validated then you will need to click save
  45. screenshot
  46. Finally, you will need to click the check mark.

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