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Navigating the Blackboard Learn Original Courses Page

Instructions below will help you navigate the Course Page in Blackboard Learn Original.

In this page:

Instructors and students use the Courses page to access their course lists. They can use Search to find a specific course, use Filters to organize the list and use Favorites to pin courses to the top of the list.

To open the Courses page, click the Courses link in the base navigation menu on the left:

The left-side menu with Courses link highlighted

The Courses page displays Current Courses by default each time you open it. Courses are grouped alphabetically by term and can include courses from both current and past semesters. Users can display, search, and filter the page in different ways to locate the course(s) they want to access.

Current Courses Default

Change Views/Set Favorites

  • Click the Grid View or the List View icon in the top-left corner to display courses as cards with images (tiles) or in a vertical list without images.
  • Click the "star" icon to add the course to the Favorites list. Courses marked as Favorites appear at the top of the course list.
  • Click the "star" icon again to remove a course from Favorites.
List View and Grid View icons
Grid view - displays course cards with images List view - courses displayed vertically

Filter by Term

The filter by term list
Click on "Current Courses" at the top of the Courses page to display the list of available terms.

Filter by Course Role

The filter by role list
Click on the Filter list on the left side of the Courses page to display the list of available course roles.

Search for a Course

The search your courses text box
  • Type at least part of either the course name OR the Blackboard Learn Original course ID in the "Search your courses" box at the top of the page. The list will show only courses that match the search term.
  • Click the "X" button in the Search box to display all of the courses again
Note: Search only finds courses within the currently displayed list. To Search again, select a different course term from the Current Courses list at the top, or click the Filter All Courses list and select a course role, then enter the Search term again. You may also find courses by clicking the Upcoming Courses link in the top-right corner of the page.

Private Courses

Until the course instructor makes a course Available to students, the word "Private" or a "locked" padlock icon appears on the course. Instructors and students can filter the course list to display just the Private courses if they choose.
  • Instructors: Can click on a "private" course to open it, make changes, add content, remove content, and make the course Available to students at any time.
  • Students: See courses they are officially enrolled in, but they can't open them if the instructor has not made them Available. If students click on a course marked Private they see this message:
Private: You can't access this course right now. Your instructor will allow access when the course is ready. Please try again later.

Instructors: Click the "More options . . ." (3 dots) icon on a course > select "Open course" to make it available to students -- OR -- select "Make course private" to make it Unavailable again.

More options icon to the right of course in list view -- or -- More options icon in the top-right corner of course card (tile)

Hide/Unhide Courses

Instructors can Hide courses they don't need to see and Show them again when they want to see them on the Courses page - the course is Hidden only from that user's Courses page and does not affect other users.
  • Click the "More options . . ." (3 dots) icon on a course > select "Hide course".

    Hide course

  • To Unhide a course: select "Filter" > "Hidden from me" > click the "More options . . ." (3 dots) icon on the course > select "Show course".

    Filter Hidden from me  Show course

Note: Students can not hide their courses; they can set a Favorite on a course to move it to the top of the page.

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