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Videos with Audios in PowerPoint Quickstart

A quickstart guide for how to make a music video in PowerPoint

1. Get the Design

Select: Design → pick a theme.

pick a theme
Create your own: Design → Format Background

format background
For applying the desired background to all slides: Format Background → Apply to all

2. Get the Visuals: Text

  • Select: Insert → Text Box
  • Drag to draw the text box.
  • Type desired text.

For changing the background of any text box or shape : Right-Click on the object → Format Shape

Be Aware of Copyright!

  • Follow fair use guidelines
  • Consider asking permission
  • Cite all media

2.1 Get the Visuals: Images

Select: Insert → Pictures OR Insert → Shapes

For modifying images : Use the picture tool bar  → Click on the image → Format 

To avoid stretching images and shapes → Hold SHIFT key while resizing

2.2 Get the Visuals: Videos

Select: Insert → Video → Video on My PC

video on my pc

  • Click on the video → PLAYBACK
  • Set the video on Start Automatically
  • start automatically

3. Get the Music

(Ensure compliance with copyright)

  • For inserting your audio on desired slide: Insert → Audio → Audio on My PC 
  • audio on my pc
  • Select: Play in Background under Playback 
  • Play in Background

Audacity is useful a free, user-friendly, audio editor for recording your voice and mixing audios. Download at

4. Get the Motion: Animation

Select the object to be animated: 

  1. Select: Animations tab 
  2. Apply desired animation 
  3. Customize with Effect Optionsanimation
For adding multiple animations → Add Animations
add animation

4.1 Get the Motion: Transition/ Timings

  • Select: Transitions → choose a transition style
  • For having the same transition for all the slides: Click on Apply to All (* You can different transitions to individual slides as well)
  • apply to All
  • For record your own timings: Slide Show → Rehearse Timings
  • rehearse timings

5. Get the Motion: Transition/ Timings

Select: File → Export 1. Select: Create a Video 2. Click the Create Video to save your slide as a MP4

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