Zoom - New Immersive View Available and More

Upgrade your Zoom to use the new Immersive View and set the scene for your next meeting. Zoom's Immersive View allows you to select a background and place meeting attendees in it. You can even add your own scenes. Where will you meet? Also more emojis and new vanishing pen for annotation available.

The newest Zoom update allows you to invite more participation and add everyone’s video inside a new shared scene, including one you upload yourself. The new Immersive View is only active for Hosts of a Zoom room; however, a Host can give Host permission to anyone else in your room. Zoom also now offers more emojis and a vanishing pen!

Immersive Features for Your Zoom Sessions

Before Your Meeting

Zoom Immersive Setting screenshot

Immersive View in Meeting

Immersive View screenshot

Place participants into view - Automatically - or, Manually

Select Immersive View Scenes screenshot



More emojis

Select Reactions and click on the three dots to expose more emoji options.

Reactions and more emojis screenshot More emojis available ....

Selection of emojis screenshot

Vanishing Pen

Available to the person sharing their screen: Select Annotate, Spotlight, and the Pen icon. The drawing disappears after 2 seconds.

Vanishing Pen screenshot