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Track Training

The Track Training application is used to aggregate training completions for required and optional NDSU employee training


Everyone with an NDSU account can log in to Track Training. If you have completed one of the tracked titles you may* see a recording of your own completion listed.

Supervisors can see a list of completions of their direct reports according to PeopleSoft/HR data. TERM'd employees do not have any supervisor in HR data, so supervisors won't be able to see any employees that have a TERM record.

By approval of the department head, other individuals may be granted access to view completions for an entire department (by department number).

Intended Audience

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student employees

Using this service


24/7/365 [*Standard outages]

Support contact

IT Help Desk


University-funded: no charge.

Routine use

Training recording schedule

*Training completions are recorded by a variety of means:

Automatic completion recording the following morning
Each training completed online in Moodle is automatically recorded in Track Training the following A.M. if the trainer has configured the training with automatic recording AND the minimum required score required for that training title was achieved

If a training you believe you completed in Moodle is not recorded as complete in Track Training the following morning, you should first verify that the title is one that is configured to record in Track Training. Some trainers do not have their training material configured to record in Track Training. Next, you should confirm that you have attained the minimum score required to satisfy the training. A completion will not be logged in Track Training if you did not satisfy the training requirements. Many trainings require a score of 100%; however, this varies by title so please contact the department providing the training if you have questions.

If you have completed a tracked training with the required score and it still has not been recorded in Track Training by the following business day, please contact the IT Help Desk to report the issue.
Manual training completion recording on the trainer's schedule
Training completed in person or synchronous Zoom attendance may be manually recorded in Track Training.

If you have completed a tracked in-person training and you do not see it recorded in Track Training, you may contact the trainer to verify that you have satisfied all of the training requirements (e.x., written your name on the attendance sheet, or completed any post-training tasks) and to inquire when the training will be recorded in Track Training. The IT Help Desk cannot advise when a trainer will record in-person training.
Non-NDSU training with varying schedule
Some training may be required that is not hosted by NDSU. A widely-known example of this is Annual Fraud Training administered by the NDUS office.

Some NDSU departments facilitate recording of non-NDSU training by manually uploading training completions; however, non-NDSU training opportunities are not recorded in Track Training as a matter of rule. If they are manually recorded in Track Training and you believe you have completed a training that is not logged in Track Training, you may contact the department facilitating that training recording to inquire when they will upload the completion list.

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