Voicemail in Web Browser - Locations, Availability, and Calendar Integration

How to set up locations and availability settings for voicemail in web browser interface.
Log in to the web browser interface at https://www.ndsu.edu/voicemail

Location Options

location options


This is the list of available locations. Clicking on a particular location will bring up the options for that greeting and allow them to be edited. Clicking “Add Location” allows for the creation of a new location.

add location

Change Current Location

Set your current location. Based on this setting the system will call you at the number assigned to that location. This is the functionality used in place of the Reach Me feature in the previous voicemail system.

change current location

The settings for each location include General:

location settings

Assign a number to be called when at this location. Numbers can be chosen from a list of previously saved numbers. Numbers can be edited, or a new number can be added by clicking the add button. Enter on campus numbers in the 5 digit format. Off campus numbers should be entered in the following format: 91 followed by the complete 10 digit phone number, ex: 91701xxxxxxx.

Location Greeting—which greeting to play when I am at this location:

location greeting

Availability Filters—Control your availability for this location based on where the call is coming from:

availability greetings

Assign Calls—assign calls received while you are at this particular location to another user in the voicemail system:

assign calls

Use Calendar to Change Location

Define a calendar to automatically change your location based on date and time, which will in turn switch your greeting to the one associated to your new location.

The following calendar will set your location to “Temporary Location” from 11:00 to 11:30 on 10/26/20 and to “Vacation” all day on 10/27/20—10/30/2020:


Clicking the “Schedule a location” button will create a new calendar entry and clicking on a current calendar entry will allow you to edit that entry:

schedule a location


Defines the addresses associated with your voicemail box. Normally users will have only their phone extension associated with their mailbox, but there are a number of other addresses that can be added. These addresses (phone numbers) are the numbers assigned to locations.

address settings

address fields

Click the add button to add a new address or click on an existing number to edit. Internal numbers in 5 digit format, external numbers in 91xxxxxxxxxx format. Check the box next to “Trusted”

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