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Microsoft Teams - Getting Started

This page contains instructions on how to download and sign into Microsoft Teams.

Download the Microsoft Teams App

  1. Open your web browser and go to Microsoft Teams
  2. Sign in with your NDUS credentials.
  3. Click on the three dots icon in the top right corner for Settings & more.
  4. From the drop down menu, select "Download the desktop app".

Sign into Microsoft Teams

  1. Open Microsoft Teams
    • Web Browser: Open Teams in your web browser
    • Windows: Click Start, then Microsoft Teams
    • MacOS: Go to your Applications folder and click Microsoft Teams
  2. Enter your NDUS email username (typically
  3. Click Connect
  4. Enter your N.D. University System ID password
  5. Click Sign in (if you are enrolled in Multi-Factor Authentication for NDSU services, you will be prompted by DUO to authorize the login attempt)

Create a Team

Before you create a team: 

The ability to create a team is only available for NDSU faculty and staff. Students should work with their instructors if they want/need to create a team for class.
By default, when you create a Team the Privacy setting is set to 'Private - Only team owners can add members'. By having this set to Private, it makes the team undiscoverable and the membership of the team hidden. This is important for FERPA concerns. 
If the Privacy setting is set to Public, then anyone on our Office 365 tenant (all students, employees, etc. at any of the NDUS institutions) can see the Team, along with the team membership, and also request to join the Team. We recommend creating teams as Private and adding members you want to join. 
Because our Office 365 tenant includes all 11 NDUS Institutions, it is important to distinguish what campus the team is a member of when naming the team. Always start the name of the team with NDSU at the beginning. 
Once you are in the Teams web interface, there will be an option to download the Teams desktop app for ease of use. Mobile apps are also available in your mobile device app stores. 

How to Create a Microsoft Team: 

  1. Open Teams (or desktop app).  If logging in via the web app: 
    • Choose the Teams icon 
    • If you don’t see the Teams icon, click the All Apps arrow icon and then choose the Teams icon 
  2. Click the Join or create team button (usually in the upper right corner) 
  3. Click the Create a team option 
  4. Choose the Type of team you wish to create 
  5. Enter the Team Name starting with NDSU. For example, NDSU ITS Classroom Technology 
  6. Enter Description (optional) 
  7. Set Privacy option - Private is recommended to keep the team and membership undiscoverable. This is the only option that is FERPA compliant 
  8. Click Next 
  9. Add members 
    • Once you have added the members, you can change their status from Member to Owner if you wish to have them as a co-owner of the team
  10. Click Close 
Microsoft provides more information about getting started with Teams along with other information.

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