Blackboard - Add Headings in the Content Editor

One of the key ways to make Blackboard content accessible is to use the Headings available in the Blackboard Content Editor to format text.

Why Use Headings

Accessible documents benefit everyone - not just those with disabilities! For example, accessible documents benefit cell phone and tablet users, as well as students with low bandwidth access. Accessible documents also make it easier for browsers to display them and are much easier to convert to various platforms or formats

Headings aren’t just a good idea – they’re required for accessibility. Several heading levels are available in the Blackboard Content Editor (the WYSIWYG text editor).

Documents with a proper heading structure allow screen reader and other assistive technology users to:

Most of us scan a document or page quickly and look for big, bold text (headings) to get an idea of its structure and content. Screen readers and other assistive technologies also need to scan a document. They read and navigate through a document by using the heading structure.

To do this, documents should be structured in a hierarchical manner:


Applying Headings

  1. Select the text to be marked as a heading in the Blackboard Content Editor.
  2. Click the "Paragraph" button (Blocks).
  3. Select the appropriate Heading level.

    Paragraph, Heading, Sub-heading 1, Sub-heading 2, Preformatted

  4. Add other content to the text box as needed > Submit.

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