Blackboard - Add Alternative Text to Images

When creating content in the Blackboard Content Editor (the WYSIWYG text editor), it is important to tag images properly with alternative text so they are readable and accessible by individuals with disabilities.

Accessible documents benefit everyone - not just those with disabilities! For example, accessible documents benefit cell phone and tablet users, as well as students with low bandwidth access. Accessible documents also make it easier for browsers to display them and are much easier to convert to various platforms or formats.

Alternative Text (Alt Text)

Everything you need to know to write effective Alt Text - guidance and tips from Microsoft.

Alternative text provides a textual alternative to graphics and images and serves several functions:

Alternative text should:

Adding Alternative Text to an Image in the Content Editor

  1. Position the cursor in the Content Editor text box at the location where you want to insert an image.
  2. Click the Add Content Icon - circle with a plus symbol (Add content) button > select the source where the file is stored > select the image file > Open
  3. Right-click on the image in the text editor to select it > Image

    image selected for editing in Blackboard Content EditorThe alternative text dialog box

  4. Add descriptive text in the "Alternative description" field > Save
  5. Add other content in the text box as needed > Submit

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