Blackboard - New Content Editor Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to questions about using the new Blackboard Content Editor (effective 11/5/2020)

The text box instructors and students use to add text and other content throughout Blackboard changed significantly on11/5/2020. Adding content has been simplified, and the editor works better on both hand-held devices and larger screens. There are also several new features and accessibility improvements.

Video: Adding Content in the New Blackboard Editor (3:37)

Blackboard Help: Additional Information about Working with Text

FAQs - Content Editor Changes

Q: I don't see all of the toolbar buttons I need - where are they?

A: Click the More button - 3 dots ellipses(More) button to see additional buttons if you currently see only one row; The toolbar resizes and wraps to fit the current window so you may see 1, 2, or more rows. Additionally, some functions are now combined into one button.

Q: The toolbar buttons scroll off-screen as the text box expands when I add more content - how can I 'dock' the toolbar buttons to keep them visible while I work?

A: Click thetheFull screen icon - box with arrows in each corner(Fullscreen) button - the toolbars are docked to the top of the window - click the icon again to exit Fullscreen mode.

Q: How do I change the text color?

A: Click the Text color icon - the letter A underlined(Text color) button > select a color swatch.

Q: How do I highlight text?

A: Click the Background color icon - magic marker image(Background color) button > select a color swatch.

Q: How can I check the accessibility of my text and/or other content?

A: Click the Accessibility checker icon - person with arms out to the sides(Accessibility checker) button - Blackboard identifies content with accessibility issues. Click the question mark icon to the right of an accessibility error for more information.

Q: How do I attach files inline with other text as links? - the Attach (paperclip) icon is gone!

example text: This is an example of an attached file embedded in the text content

A: Click the Add content icon - plus sign in a circle (Add content) button - the Add content dialog box allows users to select files from multiple sources:
Insert Local Files, Insert from Content Collection, Insert from Cloud Service, Additional Tools

Select the source > select the file > Open. To edit the link later, click on the file link to select it > click the Chain link icon(Insert/edit link) button > change the Text to display (optional) > Save.

You can remove extraneous paragraph breaks and/or spaces around the linked file, but the text after the file link will still break to a new line. The Attach Files options in the Attachments section continue to work as they did previously.

Q: How do I add an image?

A: Click the Add Content icon - circle with a plus symbol(Add content) button > select the source where the file is stored > select the image file > Open.

Q: How do I add descriptive alternative text to an image (necessary for universal design and accessibility)?

A: Click the Accessibility Checker icon - icon of a person with arms out(Accessibility checker) button to see "Error" > type descriptive text in the "Provide alternative text:" field > Repair OR Click on the image to select it > right-click (Windows) or ctrl+click (Mac) on the image > click Image > describe the meaning of the image in the Alternative description field > Save.

Q: How do I resize the image display?

A: Click on the image to select it > click and drag the selection handles (boxes) to resize the image proportionally OR right-click (Windows) / ctrl+click (Mac) on the image > Edit > enter either the desired Width or Height (in pixels) - the proportions are automatically constrained (the 'lock' icon) > Save.

Q: How can I align an image next to the associated text?

A: Click the image to select it > click theLeft align button(Left Align) or (Right Align) button to wrap the text around the image.

Q: How do I create links to external web sites?

A: Type the link text > select the text > click the Insert/edit link icon - chain link image (Insert/edit link) button, OR click the Insert/edit link icon - chain link image button BEFORE you type the link text > type or copy/paste the full URL > add the Text to display > select New window from the Open link in . . . drop-down list (important for security purposes) > Save.

Note: The Insert/edit link button can only create external links. If you type the full URL into the text box before inserting the link, the text may be converted to a link automatically and the link text may change. Additionally, certain URLs entered this way may automatically display a text box containing additional information about the web site.

Q: How do I view the HTML source code behind my content?

A: Click the HTML code icon - less than and greater than symbols(Source code) button - the source code is now easier to edit and line numbers and tag colors make it easier to find what you're looking for.

Q: Misspelled words are no longer highlighted - how do I spell-check the content?

A: Click theSpell check - ABC with a checkmark(Spellcheck) button; The spellcheck tool more smartly picks the default language based on course selection and user choice when available. Dictionaries have been updated and expanded.

Q: How do I upload video or audio files?

A: Click the Add content icon - plus symbol(Add content) button > select the source where the file is stored > select the media file > Open.

Q: The Mashups button is gone - how do I embed YuJa videos as thumbnails?

A: Click the Add Content - plus symbol(Add content) button > scroll down > select YuJa Media Chooser (North Dakota State University) > below the Media tab, click on the video(s) to embed > Insert Videos.

Q: How do I embed a YouTube video?

A: There are two different ways: