YuJa - Creating a Video Quiz

Quiz questions students answer while viewing a YuJa video can be integrated directly into selected videos. Video quizzes can then be added to Blackboard courses either with or without recording the scores in the Blackboard Grade Center – it’s your choice! Instructors can see each student’s quiz responses in the YuJa Gradebook, even if the scores aren’t recorded in the Blackboard Grade Center.

Creating a Yuja Video Quiz

  1. Open YuJa
  2. Hover the mouse over the thumbnail image of the video
  3. Select More
  4. Click Quizzes in the Actions dialog box
  5. Click Create Quiz
  6. Add a Quiz Name
  7. Click Play to begin watching the video
  8. Click Add Question to add a question at a certain point – the video playback pauses 
  9. Choose the question type, add the question text, select the correct answer and other options as needed > Save 
  10. Click Play and continue until you’ve added all of your questions 
  11. Click Settings > Provide Answer Right Away to let students see answers immediately and/or Disable Fast Forwarding to prevent students from answering without watching the complete video
  12. Click Save to save the quiz as a draft if you’re not ready to add the quiz in Blackboard – OR - If you’re ready to add the quiz to a Blackboard course, click Post: Check the box to the left of the correct course – this does NOT embed or publish the video quiz to the Blackboard course! Dates selected don’t matter! 
  13. Click Post

Editing a Yuja Video Quiz 

  1. To edit quiz questions, delete a quiz, check the quiz status, or to see all quizzes associated with a particular video, click Manage Media in the YuJa window
  2. Move the mouse pointer over the video
  3. Click More..
  4. Quizzes

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