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YuJa - Getting Started

This information helps instructors and students get started with YuJa.

  • Instructors can use YuJa to record a video Welcome message, instructions for assignments or exams, focused topics or lessons, guest lecturers and other content to enhance student engagement and learning. Instructors can also add quiz questions to YuJa recordings or require students to use YuJa's Proctored Exam feature to record their actions while taking an exam through Blackboard.
  • Students can use YuJa to record videos for assignments, discussion board posts and presentations or to record their actions while taking a Blackboard exam if required by the course instructor.

Installing the YuJa Software Capture Application

  1. Open any Blackboard class where you are enrolled as a Student or an Instructor.
  2. Select "Tools" > scroll to the bottom of the page > select "YuJa - NDSU".
  3. Select "Create Recording" at the top of the YuJa Media Library page.
  4. Click the"First time user? Download and install" link.
  5. Step through the installation processes shown.
  6. After installing Software Capture, click "Create Recording" again to begin a new recording.
Please note: You only need to install Yuja once on your computer. If you are using the instructor's computer in an instrumented classroom, Yuja should already be installed, so you do not need to go through this process. Chromebooks are not supported.

Basic tasks included on the Media Library page

Open any Blackboard class where you are enrolled as a Student or an Instructor, then click "Tools" > "YuJa - NDSU" to open the YuJa “Media Library” page (or tab). This is where you will organize your media files and take actions such as sharing, publishing, or deleting videos, and setting security options. Media includes your YuJa recordings as well as any other content you wish to upload to YuJa.

  • Create New Folders
  • Upload Media to YuJa
    • Videos
    • Audio Files
    • Documents
    • Linked Content
  • More… (additional options)
  • Options for organization and management (Delete, Publish, Move, Edit, etc.)

Other places in the Media Library page

Places to share content
Note: Instructors can allow other instructors and/or TAs to add a quiz to any YuJa video which has been shared with them. Instructors can also share video quiz access with TAs or other users so they can edit an existing YuJa video quiz the instructor created.

Recording a Video

  1. Open any Blackboard course > Open "Tools" > "YuJa – NDSU".
  2. Select "Create Recording" on the YuJa Media Library page.
  3. Download and install the YuJa Software Capture application if not already installed on this computer.
  4. Click "Start" to open the Software Capture application. (The Software Capture application is already installed on the instructor stations in all instrumented classrooms).
  5. Enter a title and description for the recording. Specify the class and/or collection to which the recording is to be included (optional).
  6. Set/test your video, audio, and screen preferences in the configuration menu on the left side of the Software Capture preview page.
  7. Confirm the settings in preview windows and check the audio indicator to make sure the mic is working.
  8. Click “Start” to begin recording.
  9. After a 3 second countdown, YuJa begins recording your microphone and any video content (screens, cameras, etc.) you have selected.
  10. The YuJa toolbar will be available which allows you to Pause or Stop the recording.

Capture Internal Audio in YuJa Videos 

To capture the audio from YouTube videos, PowerPoint slides with audio or other content that is played while recording a YuJa video, Windows users must take an additional step before starting to record:
  1. Open YuJa > "Create Recording".
  2. Select “Audio” from the configuration menu on the left.
  3. Slide the button to the right to turn Mic Source – 2 ON.
  4. Select "Internal Audio" from the Mic Source – 2 drop-down list, if necessary.
  5. Change other settings as needed > "Start".

Basic Editing in YuJa

  1. Open any Blackboard course > "Tools" > "YuJa - NDSU".
  2. Locate the video to be edited on the “Media Library” page.
  3. Hover the mouse over the video > select “Edit” to open the Yuja video editor.
  4. Drag the timestamp icon above the waveform rows to the position where you want to start cutting a portion of the video.
  5. Click the Cut icon (the scissors) > move the mouse pointer to the left or right of the timestamp icon to select the portion of the video to be cut.
  6. Click at the point where you want to end the cut to set the endpoint - the Cut portion appears with gray shading
  7. Click the "Discard" button to cancel all editing changes.
  8. Click the "Save" button > enter a new Title and/or Description (optional).
  9. select "Exit without Saving", "Replace Existing Video" or "Save as New Video".

Adding YuJa Videos to a Blackboard Course (Instructors)

Option 1: Embed single or multiple video thumbnails and text in course content:
  1. Open the course in Blackboard > select a content area link in the course menu on the left.
  2. "Build Content" > "Item" > enter a Name for this item and any text needed in the text box.
  3. Click the "Add Content" icon (the + symbol in a circle):
    The Add Content button on the toolbar
  4. In the Add content box, scroll down and select "YuJa Media Chooser - NDSU".
  5. Click on a video to select it, or check the box in the top-left corner to Select All videos in the Media Chooser page (the Media tab should be selected).
  6. Click "Insert Content" in the bottom-right corner of the Media Chooser.
  7. Click "Submit" in the Blackboard window.
Option 2: Embed single video thumbnails without text in course content:
  1. Open the course in Blackboard > select a content area link in the course menu on the left.
  2. "Build Content" > "YuJa Media Chooser (North Dakota State University)".
  3. Click a video to select it in the Media Chooser > "Insert Videos".

    YuJa Media Chooser
Option 3: Publish videos to the Blackboard course channel:
Videos published to a Blackboard course channel do not appear as clickable video thumbnails in a course content area.

  1. Open the course in Blackboard.
  2. Go to "Tools" > "YuJa - NDSU".
  3. Hover over a video > "Publish".
  4. Click on the Blackboard course OR type the course id or course name in the All Channels search box to select it > "Select".
  5. Students go to "Tools" > "YuJa - NDSU" to view the published video(s).
On Demand Video - Sharing Video with Others (6:39)

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