YuJa - Uploading Zoom and Other MP4 Files

There are many good reasons you may want to download Zoom recordings and other videos as MP4 files and upload them to YuJa. Below are the step by step instructions for uploading files to YuJa.

Uploading Media Files to YuJa

  1. Open any Blackboard course
  2. Click Tools | YuJa - NDSU -- OR -- YuJa Content to open the YuJa Manage Media page
  3. Click Upload

    The Upload button

  4. Select Video | Browse | select the MP4 file to be uploaded | Open | click Start Upload

    The Upload options  Start Upload button
The YuJa video processing time varies depending on the size of the original MP4 file. Once processing is complete, the uploaded video appears in your YuJa Manage Media page with the same title as the MP4 video - it's now a YuJa video, so you can:
  • Play the video in YuJa's video player
  • Edit the video in the YuJa video editor
  • Edit the Closed Caption text automatically generated by YuJa
  • Share the video with other NDUS users
  • Publish the video to a Blackboard course channel for student access
  • Embed the video in a Blackboard course content area for student access
  • Copy the Direct URL and paste it into email messages, documents, and web pages, etc. Anyone with the Direct URL can view the video
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