Connecting to an Instructor Station using LogMeIn Central:

LogMeIn Central is a web tool that allows instructors to access their classroom instructor computer remotely from home or office. The following are instructions on how to use the web app from home or office:

Windows OS & MacOS Instructions.

  1. Open a web browser and go to
    1. First time users: Please call the IT Help Desk at 701-231-8685 if this is your first time using LogMeIn. They will need to assist you with configuring your account before you can see the classroom computers.
  2. Enter in your email address in the email field, this will remove the password field

  3. Click the Login button
  4. Log into the NDSU authentication page using your NDSU electronic ID and NDSU password
  5. Approve your DUO MFA prompt
  6. Locate the Instructor Station you want to connect to in the Computerslist
    1. You can use Ctrl+F and type in the room number to use the browser search function to search the list

  7. You will then be asked to enter your LogMeIn credentials
    1. Use your NDSU electronic ID (typically first.last) in the User Name field
    2. Enter your NDSU password in the Password field
    3. Change the Log in to field to AD
    4. Click the Login button
  8. You will then be brought to the Dashboard for the machine and prompted to download the LogMeIn Client.exe file – You will only need to do this step once
    **(MacOS it will prompt to download this installer and Click Allow to open “LogMeIn Client”)**
    1. Follow the prompts on your browser to download and then run the file

  9. The LogMeIn client will then open the connection to the computer
  10. Leave the Screen Blanking option turned off and click Continue

  11. Log into the Instructor Station using your NDSU electronic ID and NDSU password
  12. You will now be logged into the computer just as though you were physically in the room. Minimize this window and see Step 2 on Getting Started with Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate.

  13. When you are done with the session:
  14. Double click the Sign Out shortcut on the desktop
  15. Click the X on the session Window in the upper right corner
  16. Click the Disconnect button in the left menu on the Instructor Computer Dashboard

  17. You will then be brought back to the Computers list
  18. Sign out by clicking your name at the top right and click Log Off

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