Zoom - Everything You Need to Know About Zoom

The following is a compilation of all Zoom resources available in the IT Knowledge Base. The resources are organized to help provide a quick list of help for Students, Faculty and Staff.

Zoom Resources for Everyone

Zoom First Steps

Network Connection Tips

Using Zoom in Teach and Learning

After activating your account the next step in using Zoom as a delivery method for your course is to decide where to best place Zoom sessions. Do you want to create the sessions using the NDSU.Zoom.us web portal? If so, you will need to share the link(s) with your students in the class. Recordings of the sessions will not be viewable to the students unless you copy the recording information and share that link with the students after each session.

NOTE: Recommendation is to create your class sessions in Blackboard, or, if already created in the NDSU.Zoom.us web portal, Import the session(s) into Blackboard. This provides students with a link to each of the class sessions and recordings within their Blackboard course site. 

Teaching with Zoom (faculty)

Learning with Zoom (students)

Classroom Equipment Tips with Zoom

Zoom Webinars

NDSU has a Zoom webinar license available, allowing our users to run a webinar connection for an event. Not all events require or would benefit from being held as a webinar, so please read the materials below carefully and decide if a meeting or webinar would be the best fit for your event. Once you have determined that a webinar is the best option, please submit a ticket to the help desk requesting the feature. Please include the title, date and time of your event and the names of all individuals you would like listed as hosts (need to be NDSU affiliates with current Zoom accounts).