Departmental Printing - Lanier LAN-Fax

The LAN-Fax will allow you to fax a document directly from your PC, without the need to print it first. The two main user setting are the Address Book and the Cover Sheet.

Basic Overview

Address Book - Start, All Programs, LAN-Fax Utilities, Address Book: 

The address book is a basic CSV file that can be shared on the S-Drive or sent between office staff.  For an outside line the number needs the prefix of a 9, you are also able to use 5 digit dialing 1-1234. New Destination Information can be added at any time to your address book. 

Cover Sheet - Start, All Programs, LAN-Fax Utilities, LAN-Fax Cover Sheet Editor: 

There are three default cover sheets, they are located in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\LAN-Fax Utilities\CoverSheet folder. These can be edited and saved by using the Cove Sheet Editor.  Cover Sheets can be selected at the time of sending the fax, by use of the Edit Cover Sheet button. 

Confirmation pages are printed in the same way. 

Faxes being received can be directed to a folder location on the S-Drive rather than being printed out.


Before Setup: 

You will need to know the PRN name, Model and 4/6 digit User Code for the Lanier. 

There is an expectation that you already use this Lanier to Print and that the Lanier is already being used to send paper faxes. 

IMPORTANT - You need to enter the User Code before you can successfully fax a document. 

Windows 7 

Step 1 

Step 2 

Step 3 

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