Zoom - How to Join Zoom Meetings Through Blackboard

Many course meetings are using Zoom for remote students to join the synchronous class. By logging into Blackboard it is easy to see the Zoom class meetings and join. Students and faculty must have already activated the NDSU Zoom account prior to scheduling or joining a class meeting.

How to join Zoom meetings through Blackboard

Activate your NDSU Zoom Account

IMPORTANT: First of all, make sure that you have created/activated your Zoom account through the NDSU.Zoom.us webpage portal. Instructions on activation available at Zoom - Activate Your NDSU Zoom Account.

Join Meeting Through Blackboard

Then, log into Blackboard using your Blackboard ID and Password.

Blackboard login

From the Course List, hit the course link for the class to attend the Zoom session.
Then click Tools from the left-hand side navigation bar, or Zoom Class link (if available in course menu).

menu image

Please click Zoom-NDSU in the bottom right corner.

Zoom Tool link image

It will take you to the page where all the Zoom links will be available for the selected course.

Zoom meeting list image
Please click Join to attend the desired Zoom session.

If you fail to connect the session after clicking Join, we suggest you install Zoom client in your personal device (laptop/mobile etc.) from which you are trying to launch the Zoom meeting for your course in the Blackboard. 

Install Zoom Desktop Client

When joining a session, through your browser, you will be prompted with the question asking you to download the client or join through browser. If you choose to download client the .exe file will download to your download folder or where you have designated. Open and install that file.

If you do not download at this time, you can do so later following these instructions.

Mac Download

If you are using Mac, please follow the below steps to download and install Zoom:
  • Go to App Store.
  • Search for Zoom.
  • Click Get to download Zoom client.
Mac client image

  • The Zoom app will then begin downloading.
  • Please go to Downloads folder in your device and install Zoom client after downloading.

Windows Download

If you are using Windows, please follow the below steps to download and install Zoom:
  • Open your computer's internet browser and navigate to the Zoom website at Zoom.us.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Download" in the web page's footer.
  • On the Download Center page, click "Download" under the "Zoom Client for Meetings" section.
  • The Zoom app will then begin downloading.
  • Please go to Downloads folder in your device and install Zoom client after downloading.
Restart the device after installing Zoom Client and try to join the desired Zoom meeting once again following above step by step instructions (1-6). 

Problem Logging in or Authenticating Account

If problem persists and the shows an error stating “something went wrong when signing in with SSO”, then please verify and execute the below given step by step procedures:
  • Do you have a personal Zoom account using your NDSU email address?
  • If yes, log into that Zoom account by going to Public Zoom webpage (which is different from the NDSU's licensed Zoom webpage). 
Public zoom portal image
  • Select log out of all devices (in the personal setting area).
  • Change your email address to a personal one and log out.
  • Go to the NDSU.Zoom.us webpage portal to sign in and activate your NDSU Zoom account.
NDSU Zoom portal image

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