Zoom - Activate Your NDSU Zoom Account

NDSU has a Zoom campus-wide license for all students, faculty and staff. To use your official NDSU Zoom account, you must first login to the NDSU.Zoom.us portal to activate your account. This account will enable you to join meetings, class sessions and events at NDSU as a NDSU Authenticated User. Most meetings and class sessions, for safety and security purposes, will restrict access to joining unless you are and authenticated user and have logged in.

Steps to Activate Zoom Accounts


Go to NDSU.Zoom.us and click the Sign In button to configure your account.


NOTE: This is a critical step to get the NDSU Zoom portal which provides you with an NDSU license for your account. The Zoom.us webpage is for external public Zoom access and will not work for the NDSU account you need for classes, meetings and events.

Account Signin image

Log in to the NDSU INCOMMON LOGIN page to authenticate as an NDSU students, faculty or staff member. 

Use your NDSU username (first.last) and your NDSU Passphrase (which is different from your NDUS passphrase used for Blackboard, Campus Connection and other NDUS services).

Zoom login image

Next step will be to complete the Authentication with DUO using your normal method.


When DUO is completed, your NDSU Zoom account has been activated and you are now an NDSU Authenticated Zoom user.

duo image

 Your next screen will be your Zoom webpage with a menu on the left side and meetings in the center.

Zoom page image

To view your Blackboard Class meetings, go to your Blackboard course. Help articles are listed below.


Zoom Desktop Client

Zoom works best with the desktop client. It can be used in a browser (make sure your browser is up-to-date), though you will be prompted to download the client. It is best to install the client and test your camera and microphone prior to joining a scheduled meeting. There is a Download Client link at the bottom of the NDSU.Zoom.us Sign in page or a download option will popup when starting or joining a meeting.

Download client image

Zoom Help Articles

NDSU has many articles in the IT Knowledge Base to help learn more about how to: