Zoom - Personalize Your Account

Personalize your Zoom account with a profile picture and more to help others get to know you.

You can personalize your Zoom account by adding a Profile Picture, Personal Meeting ID and Personal Link.

Adding a Profile Picture


It’s a good idea to have a profile photo for your Zoom account. When you turn your camera off everyone in the meeting can see your picture. This helps everyone to get to know who you are and create a sense of community in the online meeting. You can change you picture are any time.


Fun Idea: If you are wearing a mask in the live video, add a picture of you without a mask. Do the opposite if you have no mask in the live video, include a photo of what you look like in a mask.

 Menu selection Profile



Create Your Personal Meeting ID

 Zoom Personal Meeting ID customize

Create Your Personal Link

 Zoom Personal Link Name customize


Add a Virtual Background

Zoom Virtual Background feature allows you to use one of several sample background images or to create your own. It is recommended to have a physical green screen so you don't have image distortions and your move around on the Zoom screen, but it is not required. Upload your own background images. No size restrictions, just make sure the image is captured using 16:9, 12 x 720 or 1920 x 1080. That way it fits the Zoom frame without distortions.

Zoom provides great instructions and a video walk through at their Virtual Background webpage

Setting - Zoom Background images and videos

Also included are steps to include a video background. (MP4 or MOV file) There are a couple video backgrounds included in your Zoom desktop client to try out. If you create your own, keep it simple and not distracting. When you turn your camera on you want everyone to see who you are.

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