Zoom - Import Meeting Created in Web Portal into Blackboard

Below will show you how to import a Zoom meeting into Blackboard.

If a Zoom meeting was first scheduled using the NDSU Zoom Web Portal it can be imported into the Blackboard course. This may happen if Breakout Rooms are created for the meeting. The Blackboard Zoom integration does not have the feature to add Breakout Rooms to the meeting. When Breakout Rooms are created in the Web Portal and imported into Blackboard, the Breakout Rooms will work when the meeting starts.

  1. Once the meeting has been scheduled in the NDSU Zoom Web Portal, write down or copy the Meeting ID. Example: 598-378-1742.   
  2. Log into Blackboard go to the course for the Zoom meeting.
  3. Click on the Zoom link in your course. You will see the Zoom LTI integration window listing Upcoming, Previous, Personal Meetings and Cloud Recording tabs.
  4. Above the tabs, on the top right click on the Three Dots and select Import Meeting.

    zoom import meeting icon

  5. A dialog box will appear with a space to add the Meeting ID you just copied from the portal.
  6. Paste or enter you Meeting ID and click Import.
  7. The Web Portal created meeting is now included in your Blackboard course for students to log in to start the meeting.
  8. Students will also be able to view recordings when class is ended and processing complete by Zoom.

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