Departmental Printing - Request Printer Network Address

Below are instructions on how to set up a Network Printer.

In order for a network printer to work effectively and consistently on a network, it needs to be set with its own permanent network address. In order to obtain a IP Reservation, you will need to contact the IT Help desk at 701-231-8685, option 1, with the following information.

An IT Help Desk ticket will then be created. If your department is supported by ITS Desktop Support, you may not need the MAC address. Someone from Desktop Support can be dispatched to find this information for you. 

Other Information 

By default, NDSU will assign an IP address from a private address range. It is highly recommended that you set computers to print to the DNS name and not the IP address. This process gives greater flexibility when departments change printers, physically move buildings, and it also enhances security and allows for less use of the public network. Information Technologies will be transitioning all current printers using the public network to the 10.248.x.y network. 

ITS will be using a default naming convention for all networked printers.This default DNS name will look similar to: 

where the xy is the department sub-domain.