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Verifying a Clicker Number - Desktop Version

Below is the process for confirming the correct clicker number for your pointsolutions account on the desktop version.
Start by plugging in the receiver and opening pointsolutions.
1.) Once you get logged in to pointsolutions go to the gear icon in the bottom right corner.
Poinstolutions page
2.) Once that window opens, select the "Connections" tab on the upper left side of the window.
Left side of settings window
3.) Once in that tab look for the button labeled "Test" (it should be under the "Polling Connections"). Then select it.
Test Button
4.) A polling test window should open, once it does push any answer on the clicker or clickers you want to test. I recommend doing one at a time so you are able to correctly identify them.
Polling Test Window
5.) As you start to put answers on the devices, they should start appearing like the image below, take note of the device ID for each clicker that is tested, you will need that in a minute.
Answers Appearing from Devices
6.) Finally, you will have the student or owner of the clicker sign into their pointsolutions account and look under the "Response Devices". If the clicker ID matches then the user is good to go. If the number doesn’t match, remove that clicker with the x in the top right corner of that clicker box. Then go under "Add/Purchase a Clicker" and add the correct clicker ID.
Clicker under Response Devices

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