TurningPoint Desktop Software - Location-based attendance

Below is the process for turning on location-based attendance.

This is used to take attendance and have a border on how close to the classroom or building you need to be to be able to check in for attendance.  This can be used to get people to go to class and not skip it or have their friends send the code.
Select Course

Login to the TurningPoint website and navigate to the class you would like to add the location-based attendance to and click the blue select button.

Select Attendance Tab

From here click on the attendance tab along the top.

Attendance Settings

After you have opened that tab click on the text of the blue attendance setting.

Location Switch

That will open the attendance setting feature, right now there is only one option and that is to turn the location-based attendance on and off. Switch it on.

Adjust Location Settings

This will allow you to change how big you want the radius of the zone to be and what location you want it to be at.  If it doesn’t show your location on the map or you want to change the location you can either click on the map at a location you want the center to be in or you can type in the address of the location you want the center to be and it will move the location accordingly.

Just a disclaimer, the radius has only a couple of options for how big or small you wish to have the radius, pick that one that works best for you, it will cover more than just your room.