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Creating Poll Questions in PowerPoint - Desktop Version

Below is an overview for instructors on how to create poll questions in PowerPoint for pointsolutions on the desktop client.

If you want to add poll questions into your PowerPoint file, you can upload it into PointSolutions first.  Then, add the poll questions between your PowerPoint slides.

 First, login to your pointsolutions account by going through desktop application/flash drive using your Bison Login to login (typically your

Pointsolutions front page

1. Select "Start now" under the PowerPoint Polling tab.

2. Open a new PowerPoint to make poll questions.


3. Open an existing PowerPoint file to incorporate poll questions into.

PowerPoint top ribbon

4. In order to have questions that work with pointsolutions, you first need to make sure you select the "TurningPoint" tab in the ribbon at the top of the screen. 

5. If you hover/click on the "New" tab, it will bring up many different options to make a slide. You will have the option to make many different question types and other ways to make your slides more interactive in the classroom.

6. Under the "Objects" category, there are ways to add other objects and visual aids into your slides.

7. Here in the "Compete" tab you can make your presentation more fun and competitive. You can put participants into teams, and view their scores and other leader boards from this tab.

8. The "Tools" section has other ways to help you make your PowerPoints more interactive.

9. On the right hand of your screen you will see a side panel for editing your pointsolution poll slides. In the "Slide" option you are given ways to choose how you want the questions formatted and scored.

10. The "Objects" tab has options to change your chart. You can choose how you want the chart to be viewed by changing the color schemes, labels, and values.

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