Web conferencing Best Practices: Teaching in a HyFlex Environment

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Teaching using web conferencing is still all about best practices in teaching and learning. The delivery methods have changed, with some students remote, others in the classroom, and some unable to attend due to illness. In terms of the pedagogy, assessment techniques and activities may change, but outcomes stay the same. Students in the course still need to demonstrate what they can do by the end of the semester, formative and summative assessments. The following are some tips for before, during and after class:

Preparation: Practice-Post Materials-Plan Activities-Foster Engagement-Develop Assessments
Class Sessions: Before Class – First Class – After Class



Post course materials in Blackboard

Plan activities and projects

Foster Student Engagement (Create a Community of Learners)

Develop student assessments and course assessments

Class Sessions

First Day of Class

Every Class

After Class

Web Conferencing Tips