LON-CAPA (Learning Online Network with Computer-Assisted Personalized Approach) is an LMS used by the NDSU Physics Department. Below is an overview of LON-CAPA at NDSU.


The Physics Department makes use of the the web-based LON-CAPA course management system. The following courses make use of the LON-CAPA system: 

Physics 120 Fundamentals of Physics 
Physics 120L Fundamentals of Physics Laboratory 
Physics 211 College Physics I 
Physics 211L College Physics I Laboratory 
Physics 212 College Physics II 
Physics 212L College Physics II Laboratory 
Physics 251 University Physics I 
Physics 251L University Physics I Laboratory 
Physics 252 University Physics II 
Physics 252L University Physics II Laboratory 

Help, consultation, training

IT Help Desk

Intended Audience

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

Using this solution


24/7/365 [*Standard outages]


University-funded: no charge.


Enrollment in a listed NDSU Physics course

Getting Started

Follow the login instructions for LON-CAPA provided by the NDSU Physics Department: https://www.ndsu.edu/physics/students/lon_capa/#c180491

Best Practices

Only use LON-CAPA as directed by instructors for listed classes; use Blackboard as directed otherwise.

Learn More/How To's

For more information, please visit https://www.ndsu.edu/physics/students/lon_capa/


Does LON-CAPA replace Blackboard?

No, LON-CAPA does not officially replace Blackboard, as Blackboard is the official Learning Management System for NDSU.

Use Cases

LON-CAPA is used by the Physics 

Universal Design/Accessibility


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