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Blackboard - Importing Grades to Campus Connection

Below are instructions for importing grades into Campus Connection from Blackboard.

Grades Integration provides an option for instructors to import grades from their Campus Connection created Blackboard course directly into Campus Connection instead of entering grades manually. This document provides a step-by-step overview of how the process works.

One Grade Center column in the Blackboard course must be configured correctly first to allow the Import Grades process to function correctly.

  1. In Campus Connection navigate to:
    1. Self-Service
    2. Faculty Center
    3. Grade Roster
  2. Click on the Import Grades button as shown below. This will import the Blackboard grades displayed in the “CC Final Grade” column OR any other column set as the External Grade column.
  3. After grades are imported from Blackboard, it is important to review the results. If the "Grade Import Error Log link displays, you need to click on it to review errors. If necessary, instructors can override the imported grade by choosing the dropdown arrow and selecting a different grade.

Common Errors / Resolutions 

ERROR: Student does not exist in LMS:
  1. The students do not exist in the Blackboard course.
  2. Students exist but no grades have been entered in the Blackboard course. 
  1. If the students do not exist in Blackboard, manually enter the grades in the Grade Roster in Campus Connection.
  2. If the students exist in Blackboard, add grades in Blackboard and then import the grades into Campus Connection.

ERROR: Student does not exist on Roster - Students exist in Blackboard but are not enrolled in Campus Connection.

RESOLUTION: You are not able to enter grades for these students until the students are enrolled in Campus Connection. Contact the Registrar’s Office on how to handle this situation. 

ERROR: The grade submitted is not a valid grade for the student - The grade entered in Blackboard is not a valid grade for this class in Campus Connection. 

RESOLUTION: Best practice is to enter the valid grade in Blackboard and select Import Grades again in Campus Connection. This will ensure consistency between the grade in Blackboard and the grade in Campus Connection. Click on the roster grade dropdown in Campus Connection to see which grades are valid for this course. 

ERROR: Unable to import grades - Most commonly the student has a W in Campus Connection, meaning the student dropped the course. 

RESOLUTION: No action is needed. 

Course Sections Merged in Blackboard 

This is where two or more class sections in Campus Connection have been merged into one course in Blackboard:
  1. Grade all students in Blackboard in the master (parent) course.
  2. In Campus Connection, you will import grades for each section. 
    1. When you import grades in the first section, all grades will populate for the students in this section; and students in the other section(s) will show in the ‘Grade Import Error Log’ with the error ‘Student does not exist on Roster’.
  3. Repeat the grade import process for each section in Campus Connection. Be sure to review the results to ensure all students are graded in Campus Connection.


When grading in Blackboard, remember to use FN, UN, FNN, UNN in the following situations:
 FN, UN  Use these grades when a student stops attending class, and earned an F or U. You will need to enter the last date of attendance in the Grade Roster in Campus Connection.
 FNN, UNN Use these grades when a student never attends your class. 
*These grades are used by Financial Aid in determining if disbursed funds are required to be sent back.

Need Assistance?

Contact the Registrar Office at

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