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Videoconferencing is a two-way audio and video connection taking place over the Internet, allowing users to connect with participants worldwide. All participants in the connection can view and share documents, computer files, applications, and videos and then discuss them interactively.


Videoconference connections are frequently used for classes, permitting students to participate from a distance with full audio, video, and content from another videoconference room, computer or mobile device. All distance students are visible to the instructor at all times and will experience the class in much the same way as the on-campus students. Meetings also regularly utilize videoconference connections, enabling all participants to connect to the same call using the means most convenient to them. Videoconference rooms, computers, mobile devices, and phones can be combined in a single connection allowing for seamless communication between all participants. 

Software based videoconference connections can be used in virtually any space with a computer, allowing guest speakers to join classes or videoconference interviews to be performed. The North Dakota University System and NDSU have a multitude of available videoconference rooms available that can be used by faculty, students, and staff.

NDSU General Purpose Videoconference Rooms 

NDSU has four general purpose videoconference rooms that may be reserved by NDSU faculty, staff, students, or non-profit groups. Note: classes receive scheduling priority over meetings or non-credit activities. Visit Video Conferencing - Rooms for more detail. 

Contact: Daniel Erichsen,, (701) 793-3105 

College of Agriculture Videoconference 

Rooms The College of Agriculture has multiple H.323 videoconference rooms: AG/REC Videoconferencing 

Contact: Elizabeth Cronin,,  (701) 231-7881

Intended Audience

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

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