TurningPoint - Student Resources

Below is an overview for students on TurningPoint and Blackboard.

Getting Started with TurningPoint

Students WITHOUT a TurningPoint Account follow the steps below to register:
  1. Log into any of your Blackboard courses; in the TOOLS area click on the Turning Account Registration-NDSU link. (Students are taken to a TurningPoint account registration form where their NDSU email address is auto-populated.) Students will complete the registration form including password and select CONTINUE.
  2. Next, students are taken to the TurningPoint license screen where a license is given and no further action is necessary. Students will see a green checkmark as well as their visual licensing confirmation. Then select the CONTINUE button.
  3. Students are then brought to the screen allowing them to add a clicker ID (if needed). Then select FINISH.

Mobile App

If your instructor allows, you can download the free TurningPoint Mobile app from your device app store and use your mobile device to respond to "clicker" questions in class. Students can use the same device for multiple classes during the same semester.

Clicker Information

If your instructor requires a clicker you can purchase one through the NDSU Bookstore. Students should not purchase used clickers from Amazon/eBay.

Getting started using your clicker device

By default, TurningPoint clicker devices connect to "Channel 41". Each room has a designated clicker channel, the channel number will be visible on the instructor's screen OR the instructor will provide the channel number to you. The channel number is not needed if you are using a mobile device to respond.

Changing the device channel

  1. Press the CH key on the left side of the clicker device above the keypad
  2. In the "New Channel?" prompt, enter the correct channel number (1-74)
  3. Press the up arrow key below OK
  4. The channel number should be displayed in the top-left corner of the response window

Adding a clicker to an existing TurningPoint account

You MUST register your TurningPoint clicker via Blackboard to ensure that points are associated with the gradebook.
  1. Login to Blackboard with NDUS credentials and passphrase
  2. Enter any course
  3. Click Tools > Turning Account Registration - NDSU
  4. At the InCommon Login Page for Turning Account, you will need to enter your NDSU credentials
  5. Under Response Devices enter your clicker ID number

What to do if you lose your clicker

First, check the classroom(s), local lost and found desks, and check with your instructors in case the clicker was found and turned in. If you still can't find it, contact the IT Help Desk to report it as lost. If the clicker is turned into the IT Help Desk, we will contact you.

If you need to replace your clicker before it is found and turned in, you will have to return to the registration tool in your Blackboard course and register your new Device ID number. Tell your instructor what your new Device ID number is so that he/she can update the roster to reflect that change.

How to buy/sell or lend/borrow clickers

Students can buy/sell clickers from/to other students. The student who is buying the unit will be able to register the unit as his/her own using the registration tool in the Blackboard course. Students cannot share a clicker in the same class.

What to do if your clicker stops working

If your clicker stops working, please contact the IT Help Desk. Staff can assist with troubleshooting the issue.

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