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YuJa - Student Recording for Blackboard Course Assignments

Below are instructions for students to create YuJa recording for blackboard assignments.

Recording the Video:

  1. Open your Blackboard course
  2. Select Tools > YuJa – NDSU from the course menu on the left side of the page
  3. Click the Create Recording button at the top of the Manage Media page
  4. If you have never downloaded the YuJa app to this computer, select Download and install and follow the instructions for installing the application
  5. Once installation is complete, CLOSE the application YuJa window if prompted to enter a username and password.

    Note: If you had previously installed the YuJa Software Station app, please uninstall it using your operating system’s normal uninstall process, then use steps 4-5 to install the newer YuJa Software Capture app! 

  6. Click Create Recording > Start
  7. If prompted to choose the application to launch, select YuJa Software Capture > Open Link or Open Software Capture (wording varies depending on the browser)
  8. The YuJa Software Capture Preview window opens – appearance may vary depending on your computer

    Preview window screenshot

  9. This window displays what you’ll capture and allows you to change options BEFORE you begin recording 
    1. Select Video to select the correct camera(s) or turn off the video source if you don’t want to record from a webcam 
    2. Select Audio to select the correct microphone(s) if you don’t see any action in the Mic Source meter bar while speaking into your mic
    3. Select Screen > Advanced Settings if you need to change which computer screen is captured OR to turn off screen recording
  10. Once the preview displays correctly, click Start to begin recording
  11. You should see a small YuJa toolbar at the bottom of your computer screen:

    YuJa Toolbar screenshot

    1. Click the YuJa icon to reopen the YuJa Software Capture screen
    2. Click the square, red icon to Finish recording
    3. Click the vertical bars icon to Pause and/or Resume recording
  12. Click Save to upload the recording to your YuJa account OR click Delete if you do NOT wish to save this recording

    Save Recording screenshot

Attach the Video Link to a Blackboard Assignment for Grading:

  1. Click the Blackboard course title in the top-left corner of the YuJa Manage Media page to return to your course

    Blackboard Course screenshot

  2. In the Blackboard course, click Tools > YuJa – NDSU
  3. Select My Media on the left side of the page to locate the video you recorded

    My Media screenshot

  4. You “may” need to open the Default Collection folder first, but most videos should appear in the My Media page by default

    Note: If your video hasn’t finished processing yet you may not see it for a few minutes OR you may not be able to work with it further until it has finished – processing times vary according to the length of the video AND your Internet connection.

  5. If the video processing is complete, move the mouse pointer over the video thumbnail to see a menu appear > select More
  6. Select Links on the left side of the Actions page that appears

    Links screenshot

  7. Copy (Ctrl+C or CMD + C) the URL listed in the Direct Link: box > Close
  8. Return to the Blackboard course > open the assignment where you need to submit the video
  9. Click Write Submission > Paste (Ctrl+V or CMD + V) the copied URL into the text box in the Blackboard Assignment > Submit

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