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Multi-factor Authentication - Using and Managing MFA

Multi-factor authentication is used as an additional layer of security to protect the confidentiality of private data. All NDSU students, faculty and staff are responsible for protecting private and restricted data, including data subject to export control regulations, FERPA, PCI and other pertinent state and federal laws and industry regulations.

Using Multi-factor Authentication 

Do not approve Duo challenges to logins if not currently expecting one. Immediately contact IT support for your area or NDSU Help Desk for assistance. 

Remember Me Option 

You can choose to reduce the need to MFA if you select the checkbox that says "Remember Me for 30 Days" (or for 10 hours in PeopleSoft applications or 60 days in Office365). This will work if you sign in to the same device and browser regularly. If you use a public device, do not choose this option. Managed computers on campus (including instructor workstations in classrooms) are reset every night, so this option will not work. 

Supported Devices and Options 


The currently supported devices include iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, other cell phones and landlines, and USB tokens which can be purchased through the Bookstore. 

Send Me a Push

Pushes a login request to a user's phone or tablet (if Duo Mobile is installed and activated on an iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry device). Just review the request and tap Approve to log in. 

Call Me

Authenticate via phone callback. The caller will be prompted to press "5" to approve the login. 

Enter a Passcode

Log in using a passcode, generated from the Duo Mobile App or a token. 

USB Tokens (Security Key)

Authenticates when a user touches the configured USB token. This option requires purchasing a USB token which are available from the NDSU Bookstore. Visit the NDSU Bookstore's website to purchase a token or get more information. 

Code Generating Tokens

Device generates code that can be entered when prompted for second factor. This option requires purchasing a token from the NDSU Bookstore and assistance from the IT Help Desk. Visit the NDSU Bookstore's website to purchase a token or get more information. 

Manage your Devices and Settings 

If you wish to add, edit or delete associated devices or change your Duo settings you may do so from the NDSU Account Management system. You will need to login using your NDSU electronic ID and Password to authenticate.

  1. Click Multi-factor Authentication from the left menu 
  2. Click Manage Duo Settings 
  3. If you are automatically prompted by Duo, approve the prompt with one of your Duo devices. 
  4. Click Add another device if you wish to add a new device or click the Device Options next to a device to change the settings for that device or to remove it
  5. Select the device you wish to be the default device under the Default Device drop down menu, select the desired action for the default device from the When I log in: drop down menu 

If you are not able to authenticate, please contact the NDSU IT Help Desk for assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who may use the service?
Students, staff and faculty at NDSU may use Duo MFA. 

I am unable to check the "Remember me for 30 days" box because I am automatically prompted for my Duo Push.
To see the option to "Remember me for 30 days," simply click the Cancel button on the prompt, check the box, and click the Send Me a Push button to resend your prompt. Confirm the prompt. 

My code-generating token is not working.
Your token may be out of sync. Call the IT Help Desk. My USB token only works with Chrome. Contact the IT Help Desk and they can help you configure your token to work with other browsers 

How do I get backup codes?
You can have backup codes texted to your phone, but it must be done in advance. On the Duo authentication screen, click "enter a passcode". Then click "text me new codes". Print or write the codes and save them in your wallet or purse. They are good for five months.

I can't log in because the Duo prompt on my iPhone is blank.
This is caused by the Content Restrictions in iOS. Instructions on how to fix this can be found at

I'm not able to receive the Duo Push on my Android phone.
Troubleshooting tips and potential fixes to this problem can be found at

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