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LAIC Updates

Below are updates and timely information from LAIC.

Updated: 12/19/2022

YuJa Software Capture Application Updates 

YuJa users should update to the latest version of the YuJa Software Capture application to take advantage of new features and enhancements.
Open any Blackboard course or organization, click Tools > YuJa – NDSU, then click Create Recording > Start to launch the recording preview window. An update may be available even if you see “Up-to-Date” Click either the Up-to-Date or the Update button to check and install available updates.

Recent changes include: 
  • Audio amplification adjustments available in Video Editor
  • New drawing tools added to animation toolbar
  • Add multiple video quiz questions to the same timepoint
  • Streamlined way to bulk-merge to combine multiple videos
  • Create custom URLs for videos

Respondus 4.0 - Blackboard Courses Missing from "Choose Course to publish to" List - Solution

Some Respondus 4.0 users have reported courses they want to publish exams to are missing from the list of courses to select. Fortunately, there is a workaround solution available:

  1. Log out of Respondus 4.0.
  2. Close all other running apps and log out of Windows to a power-down state.
  3. Restart Windows, close any apps that start automatically, then open Respondus 4.0 and try again - the 'missing' course(s) should be available.

Respondus 4.0 - Manually Import Exams from Respondus to Blackboard Courses

If you're unable to publish an exam from Respondus 4.0 to a Blackboard course for any reason you can manually import it to Blackboard:

  1. Open Respondus.
  2. Open the Respondus file and allow for any conversions.
  3. Go to Respondus >Preview & Publish >Publish >Publish Wizard >"Save pool to local file for manual uploading".
  4. Specify a file and select either "Pool - no points" or "Test with Points".
  5. Save the file to your computer.
  6. Log into the Blackboard Learn course.
  7. Go to Control Panel > Course Tools > "Test, Surveys, and Pools".
  8. For a saved "Pool - no points" file, go to Pools > "Import Pool".
  9. For a saved "Test with points" file, go to Tests > "Import Test".

Note: If a "Pool - no points" file is imported through "Import Test", Blackboard Learn will save the file to the Pool Manager, not the Test Manager.

Consolidated Blackboard Mobile App Available - Blackboard Instructor App No Longer Supported

Blackboard released an updated consolidated mobile app that combines the former Blackboard (student) and Blackboard Instructor apps into one app. Students can simply update the current Blackboard app. Instructors, assistants and graders should remove the old app(s) before downloading the new Blackboard app.
The Blackboard Instructor mobile app reached end of life and was removed from app stores on September 30, 2022. Instructors should now use the consolidated Blackboard Learn app. While the Blackboard Instructor app may still work, it will no longer be updated or supported by Blackboard.

The Course Messages tool is available in all courses from the Blackboard app. Instructors may need to check their Course Messages Inbox (Tools > Course Messages) frequently as Course Messages are not sent via email. Consider adding clear contact instructions to your course syllabus if you want students to contact you via email.
See the Feature Guide for the Blackboard App for more information.

Blackboard Collaborate is now known as Class Collaborate

Class Technologies Inc., a leader in synchronous virtual learning, announced it has closed on the acquisition of the Blackboard Collaborate application. Prior to the acquisition by Class, Blackboard Collaborate was part of the Anthology product suite, following Anthology's merger with Blackboard last year. Click here to read more!


Some users may receive a "Bad Request" or “Unauthorized Sorry your session has expired” message when clicking the Start or Join button within the Zoom tool in their Blackboard course. Users experiencing this message should try the button in another web browser, or copy the meeting URL from the Invitation button next to Start/Join button and paste it into their web browser address bar. This should launch the meeting.

Turning Technologies New Name

Turning Technologies merged with Echo360 and the Turning Product is called Pointsolutions. It has undergone some cosmetic changes but the desktop application still functions in the same manner. Students will find the mobile app, Pointsolutions in their app store. The Web Application needs to be updated prior to your use. Desktop version; to update the new look on your receiver/thumb drive, just update to the latest version. Access Downloads here. For more information visit pointsolutions, (part of Echo360) (Known as Turning Point)

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