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Software licensing contacts serve as a liaison between departmental faculty, staff, student employees and software licensing personnel regarding software licensing questions, ordering and installing, and miscellaneous information pertaining to software licenses. The software contact for a given department is responsible for the ordering, tracking and compliance of software licensing issues for all department-owned computers. Some departments have more than one software contact.


Software Contact List





Accounting Office Shelly Gustafson 231-7899
Accounting and Information Systems Diane Axness
Admission Office A.J. Schuler 231-7310
Aerospace Studies Jean Hagen 231-8186 
AES Big Data Pipeline Unit Ana Maria Heilman 231-6344
AES Big Data Pipeline Unit Erin McCall 231-7656
AES Big Data Pipeline Unit Lane O'Brien 231-1858
Agribusiness and Applied Economics Jennifer Carney 231-7442
Agribusiness and Applied Economics-Extension Lisa Mann 231-8642
Agriculture & Biosystems Engineering Jana Daeuber 231-7264
Agriculture Budget Office Angela Scott 231-7739
Agriculture Budget Office Gretchen Wagendorf 231-5330
Agriculture Budget Office-Extension Angela Scott 231-7739
Agriculture Budget Office-Extension Gretchen Wagendorf 231-5330
Agriculture Communication Jon Fry 231-7934
Agriculture Communication Jerry Ranum 231-6817
Allied Sciences Melissa Eslinger 231-9489
Alumni/Development Foundation Gail Dancer 231-6817
Animal Sciences Jessica Rose 231-1758
Animal Replacement Fund Angela Scott 231-7739
Animal Replacement Fund Gretchen Wagendorf 231-5330
Apparel, Design and Hospitality Management April Helgaas 231-8604
Architecture Ben Bernard 231-5784
Athletics Rose Jackson
Biochemistry Gregory Cook 231-7413
Biological Sciences open
Board of Student Publications/Spectrum Pauline Dunn  231-8929
Budget Office Aubrey Ketterling 231-8204
Bookstore, NDSU Brad Sonmor 231-8013
Bookstore, NDSU Kimberly Anvinson 231-9822
Career and Advising Center Jerry South 231-6122
Center for Science & Math Education RuthAnn Faulkner 231-6357
Center for Computationally Assisted Science & Technology (see IT Division)   
Center for Global Initiatives Diane Axness 231-9407
Center for Social Research Kate Ulmer 231-8657
Central District Office-Extension Morgan Henke 701-328-9762
Chemistry Gregory Cook 231-7413
Civil Engineering Steve Gruver 231-6113
Coatings & Polymeric Materials Rachel Larson 231-7633
College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources Janelle Quam 231-7655
College of Arts, Humanities & Social Science-Dean's Office Jenna Reno 231-7857
College of Business -Dean's Office Kay Hopkins 231-8826
College of Business -Dean's Office Diane Axness 231-9407
College of Business -Dean's Office Tayt Rinehardt 231-8358 
College of Engineering-Dean's Office Steve Gruver 231-6113
College of Health Professions Melissa Eslinger 231-9489
College of Health Professions Chris Simon 231-9778
College of Science & Mathematics-Dean's Office Diane Goede 231-7411
College of Science & Mathematics-Business Center Debra McDonough 231-8607
College of Human Development & Education-Dean's Office Peggy Cossette 231-8211
Communication Kelly Paynter 231-7705
Computer Science Guy Hokanson 231-7786
Computer Science Katy Cox 231-8721
Construction Management Engineering Steve Gruver 231-6113
Counseling Center Tiffany Bendickson 231-6317
Counseling Center William Burns 231-7675
Criminal Justice and Political Science Jack Jackson 231-8567
Customer Account Services Carrie Petersen 231-7545
Dining Tim Schulz 231-8611
Disability Services Mark Coppin 231-7198
Distance and Continuing Education Jerry Olson 231-6256
Division of Fine Arts Bill Law 231-7420
Earth, Environmental and Geospatial Sciences Kelsey Turner 231-8455
Electrical and Computer Engineering Steve Gruver 231-6113
Emergency Management Kate Ulmer 231-8657
Engineering Administration Steve Gruver 231-6113
Engineering Technology Steve Gruver 231-6113
English Michele Sherman 231-9606
Enterprise Computing & Infrastructure (see IT Division)
Entomology Grace Brennan 231-5368
ND EPSCoR Kimberly Beauchamp 231-8264
ND EPSCoR Kathy Wahlberg 231-8618
Equity and Diversity Mary Zink 231-1029
Equity and Diversity Center Tamara Blanich 231-1029
Extension-Ag. & NR Misty Fry 231-8944
Extension-County Programs Nancy Smith 701-780-8229
Extension Director's Office Kris Holt 231-9688
Extension-Family and Community Wellness Kris Holt 231-9688
Extension Leadership and Civic Engagement Carissa Kittelson 231-1840
Extension-Pesticide Program Andrew Thostenson 231-8050
Extension-Pesticide Program Jayne Aukland 231-6388
Extension-Pesticide Program Lise Alves 231-7180
Facilities Management Tracy Brown 231-8457
Festival Concert Hall Bill Law 231-7420
Financial Aid and Scholarships Tammy Fraase 231-7889
Forest Service - ALL Locations Loretta Forsberg  228-5486
Graduate School Nonnie Tangen 231-5944
Grant & Contract Accounting Laura Lutkemeier 231-9802
Grant & Contract Accounting Ann Young 231-8656
Group Decision Center Jerry L. Olson 231-6256
Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science Tara Hoyme 231-7491
Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science-Extension Judy Dubois 231-8592
Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science-Extension Khansaa Bakri 231-7974
Hettinger Research Center Christopher Schauer 567-4323
Hettinger Research Center Terri Lindquist 567-4323
Hettinger Research Center Cassie Dick 567-4323
History, Philosophy & Religious Studies Kate Ulmer 231-8654
Human Sciences and Education Joel Hektner 231-8269
Human Sciences and Education Maggie Heinle 231-8268
Human Development & Family Science-Extension Krista Olson 231-8652
Human Resources and Payroll Liz Thompson 231-5922
Industrial Engineering & Management Steve Gruver 231-6113
Information Technology Services (see IT Division)
Institutional Research and Analysis Linda Dahlsad 231-8262
Institutional Research and Analysis Emily Berg 231-8263
International Student & Study Abroad Services Sara Johnson 231-8230
IT Division Wendy McCrory 231-7093
Leadership & Community Development Sandy Erickson 328-5125
Library Administration Mitchell Axness 231-8353
Management and Marketing Diane Axness 231-9407
Mechanical Engineering Steve Gruver 231-6113
Mathematics Tina Exner 231-8171
Mathematics Connor Helseth 231-8171
Master of Public Health Melissa Eslinger 231-9489
Memorial Union Jake Waldner 231-8334
Memorial Union Kim Bruemmer 231-8242
Microbiology Jerie Little 231-7512
Military Science Steve Gruver 231-6113
Modern Languages Michele Sherman 231-9606
Modern Languages Margaret Skolness 231-7887
Multicultural Programs Jaclynn Wallette 231-7314
Music Bill Law 231-7420 
Music Jacoba Woodard
Music Kyle Vanderburg
NDSU Bookstore (see Bookstore, NDSU)
NDSU One Stop Carin Engler 231-7701
Northern Crops Institute Lynn Stadum 231-7736
Office of Teaching and Learning Linda Charlton-Gunderson 231-6414
Payroll Office  Liz Thompson 231-5922
Pharmaceutical Sciences Melissa Eslinger 231-9489
Pharmaceutical Sciences Chris Simon 231-9778
Pharmacy Practice  Melissa Eslinger 231-9489
Pharmacy Practice Chris Simon 231-9778 
Physics Patty Hartsoch 231-8974
Physics Paul Omernik 231-7047
Plant Pathology Darla Bakko 231-8866
Plant Pathology Barbara Nilles 231-8362
Plant Sciences Eileen Buringrud 231-7973
Plant Sciences-Extension Eileen Buringrud 231-7973
President's Office La Donna De Geldere 231-8522
Provost's Office Melissa Lamp 231-6133
Psychology Dan Gu 231-5626
Publication Services Amy Ochoa 231-1068
Purchasing Jane Busko 231-8346
Range Science Grace Brennan 231-5368
Research Ext. Centers Jon Fry 231-7934
Research Ext. Centers Jerry Ranum 231-6817
Research Ext. Centers  Daniel Koiner 231-2180
Registration and Records Andrew Klein 231-7983
Registration and Records Jodi Pierce 231-7988
Research Administration Becky Hellman Tangen 231-5872
Research Foundation Becky Hellman Tangen 231-5872
Residence Life Jason Medders 231-8418
ROTC Jean Hagen 231-8186
School of Education Lea Roberts 231-7921
School of Natural Resource Sciences Grace Brennan 231-8901
School of Nursing Melissa Eslinger 231-9589
School of Nursing Lori Askew 231-5692
School of Nursing - Bismarck Brenda Field 224-3802
Seed Propagation Eileen Buringrud 231-7973
Sociology and Anthropology Christy Riddle 231-8657
Sociology and Anthropology Christina Weber 231-8928
West District Office-Extension Morgan Henke 328-9762
Soil Science Valerie Larson 231-8882
Soil Science Jacinda Wollan  231-8901
Spectrum (see Board of Student Publications)  
Sponsored Programs Administration Becky Hellman Tangen 231-5872
Statistics Kelsey Turner 231-8455
Student Affairs and Enrollment Management  Laura Oster-Aaland 231-7701
Student Affairs and Enrollment Management  Emily Frazier 231-8406 
Student Affairs and Enrollment Management  Carin Engler  231-7701
Student Government Paul Wraalstad 231-8236
Student Health Service Patricia Dirk 231-8758
Student Health Service Sara Terfehr 231-5567
Student Loan Center Kelly Bisek 231-9547
Student Success Programs Nancy Mueller 231-8379
Technology Transfer Center Steve Gruver 231-6113
Telecommunications and Emergency Support Technologies Jason Blosser 231-9697
Telecommunications and Emergency Support Technologies Cindy Kozojed 231-8431
Telecommunications and Emergency Support Technologies Jayme Pfeifer 231-5152
Telecommunications and Emergency Support Technologies Susan McDaniel 231-7199
Theatre Arts Bill Law 231-7420
Theatre Arts Mark Engler 231-7706
Tri College Donna Kristianson 231-9734
TRIO Tamara Blanich 231-7315
University Police and Safety Office Christina Rodenbiker 231-7759
Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute Sowmya Gudise
Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute Josh Teegarden 231-8074
Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Kenfrey Mbuba  231-8344
Veterinary/Microbiological Science Jerie Little 231-7512
Vice President-Agricultural Affairs Janelle Quam 231-7655
Vice President-Finance and Administration Kim Matzke-Ternes 231-7080
Vice President-Finance and Administration Joshua Schroetter 231-9764
Vice President-Information Technology (see IT Division)
Vice President-University Relations Amy Ochoa 231-1068
Visual Arts Kelly Todd 231-8818
Wallman Wellness Center Brad Jones 231-6511
Women & Gender Studies Christy Riddle 231-8657
Women & Gender Studies  Erienne Fawcett 231-6157

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