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Office 365 - Email Policy FAQ

This document is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers about the email policy at NDSU.
What is NDSU's policy on email as an official means of communication?
Email, like postal and campus mail, is an official means by which the university communicates with employees and students. The university expects that email communication is received and read by employees and students in a timely manner.
Why not just send letters to employees and students?
Sometimes, employees and students will be contacted by letter, but email provides a more efficient, environmentally responsible and cost-effective way to distribute important messages. Email has become a standard form of communication for employees and students, and so it makes sense to use this method to contact you.
Can I use my own email address/account?
No. NDSU automatically provides all employees and students with an official email account that they are expected to use.
What sort of official information will I receive from my NDSU email address?
Employees can expect to receive messages from other NDSU employees or departmental representatives. An official NDSU email list is used to send essential messages to all employees regarding dates and deadlines, campus emergencies, and other important topics. Students may receive class information from instructors via their NDSU email account, and students may also receive notices regarding registration, financial aid or other important topics. An official NDSU email list is used to send essential messages to all students regarding deadlines, campus emergencies, etc. Additionally, you may receive emails from your major department and college.
What happens if I don't check my NDSU email account?
You may miss information that is essential to your job performance and/or your success as a student at NDSU. Students have failed classes because they neglected to read emails from instructors about class assignments and exams. A missed message about financial aid, tuition payments or drop/add deadlines could result in your losing credit for class work completed. In short, the consequences of not checking your NDSU email account can be significant.
Will I get lots of junk email in my account?
NDSU filters incoming junk email and stops a significant amount of spam. Any email messages you receive from NDSU will be official communication and notifications. Additionally, NDSU Student Government manages an announcement list to keep students informed of campus events and opportunities, but you may choose to opt-out of these messages.

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