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Grouper - Set Group membership start/end dates

Grouper allows you to set start/end dates on group memberships.

When adding a person to a group in Grouper, there is an option to include a membership start and end date. You also can set start and end dates for people who are already a member of a group.

To set start/end dates on an existing group membership in Grouper

  1. Navigate to the group
  2. Find the group member you would like to give a start or end date
  3. Click the Actions drop-down button on the right side of that member's row and choose the Edit membership and privileges option
    A group member row with the Action drop-down selected and green box around the Edit membership and privileges option
  4. In the Edit membership and privileges screen, either a start date or an end date (or both) may be entered into the Start date and End date text boxes. The format shown in the text box should be followed. The below image shows only an end date entered
    Start and end date text boxes with examples of correct date format.
  5. Once you have entered the dates you would like, select the Save button

To view start/end dates on existing memberships

  1. Navigate to the group
  2. In the Filter for row just above the membership list, click the Advanced button
  3. In the Enabled / disabled drop-down menu, choose Enabled/disabled status
    The enabled/disabled drop-down menu showing enabled/disabled statusoption
  4. Click the Apply filter button and the membership list will display Enabled date (start date) and Disabled date (end date) values for each group member
    Display of a group members enabled and disabled dates

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