SCES - Where to locate the semester's course and instructor dashboards from Qualtrics

When the semester dashboards are released, you will receive an email from Qualtrics with a link. Below you will find the link to the dashboards and few screens of the dashboards. Instructions will help you navigate and use your instructor dashboards for the Student Course Experience Surveys (SCES).1

An example of an email from Qualtrics indicating that dashboards are available

Qualtrics email saying that dashboards are ready

You must log in with Bison log in when you click on  

Click on My organization's single sign-on (SSO)

Qualtrics log in screen

Screens you will see after logging in

This screen, which also serves as the dashboards' home screen, appears when you accept the user agreement.  

  1.  Click on the Fall 2023 Instructor Dashboards to view the dashboards.

Showing the dashboard home screen and where to find the dashboards

Two tabs, one for the department page and the other for the instructor page, are shown here on the left.  The top of each page will be identical.  You may filter the data that appears below by clicking where the down arrows are visible.

Showing that there are two tabs and all the filters across the top

The download icon for exporting the entire dashboard is located in the upper right corner.

The export button on the upper right hand corner.

Need to make sure that Include all widget content box is checked

showing that Include all widget content needs to be checked

You can only export the content that appears in the widget open if you use its export feature.

A short video showing the screens that you will see after logging in.



The boxes on the page are called widgets.  They contain data visualizations of your SCES results.  Mouse over a widget, and an ellipsis will appear in the upper right corner with an option to export those results.

Using the Dashboard

Filters can be used to sift through the results.  Page filters, found across the top of the page, apply to all the widgets on the page. Some filters have a lock image and cannot be accessed from the instructor dashboard.  For example, there is a filter for "Less than 5 enrolled." Results are suppressed for a course with an enrollment less than five.  The results will accumulate for that course, and once the enrollment is five or greater across more than one semester, the results will be visible.

Some widgets also have filters that apply only to that widget.  Widgets with their own filter will have a funnel icon at the end of the widget label.

To remove filters, click on the blue "Reset to Default" phrase found near the top of the page with the page filters.  Note that this phrase only appears once a filter has been set.

Open-Ended Responses

Students are able to provide open-ended responses after the three items that focus on the course and again after the six items that focus on the instructor.  In addition to the widget with all comments, there are also widgets that employ "Text IQ" to categorize comments by topic and whether they are positive, negative, or neutral.  Color coding depicts the nature of the comments.  Green is positive, and red is negative.

A "Sentiment" widget can be found near the bottom of the dashboard.  Sentiment uses Text IQ to provide a color -coded visualization of the nature of the responses to text items.  Mouse over the widget to see the legend and percentage for each category.


1These dashboards replace the PDF reports that have been used previously to share results.  Please note that other instructors cannot see your instructor data even if you co-taught a course together.

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