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Multi-Factor Authentication - Activating or Reactivating the Duo Mobile App

Follow the steps below if you have a phone number configured for approving Multi-Factor Authentication prompts with a phone call but want to also set up the Duo Mobile App to use the DUO Push option, or if you have a new phone with the same phone number and need to activate Duo Mobile on the new phone.

Activating or Reactivating the Duo Mobile App

These steps are for setting up the Duo Mobile app if you already have a phone number configured and are using phone calls but also want to use the Duo Push option, or if you have a new phone with the same number and you need to set Duo Mobile up on the new phone. If you have a new phone and new number, and no other Duo device, please contact the IT Help Desk for additional assistance.

Complete these steps using a different device from the phone you wish to configure:

  1. Sign into the NDSU Account Management System ( with your NDSU Username and password
    • Use the phone call option when prompted for Duo multi-factor to approve the login
  2. Click on Multifactor Authentication from the left menu
  3. Click Manage Duo Settings but do not approve the prompt
  4. Click Other options
  5. Click Manage Devices and approve the prompt
  6. Click I have a new phone under the device you need to reactivate Duo Mobile for and select Get started
  7. Click Send me a passcode or Call my phone to verify your phone number then click Next
  8. Use your phone to scan the QR code from the screen to reactivate Duo Mobile on your device
    • Name the account or use the default
    • If you are prompted to practice, you can click the Practice Now button for a demo on how to use the app, or press Skip to continue without doing the practice steps
    • Continue through the prompts to finish the setup in the Duo Mobile app
  9. When you are finished in the Duo Mobile app, go back to the Accounts page on the computer and click the Continue button
  10. Click the Save and close link below the DUO widget

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