Qualtrics: Accessibility adding Next, Previous and Submit Buttons

For each block, the next button needs to be changed from the >> to the words Next to ensure that the screen readers know that there is another page.

    Steps changing the Next Button(s) and Back Button(s)

    1. Click on the block to highlight the entire block in light blue outline.
    2. Look to the left for the Edit block, and under Format, click on the Next/Previous button text link.
    3. Fill out the text boxes labeled Previous Button Text: and Next Button Text:. (If you have previously typed in the boxes, you may be able to use Google to fill them in.)


    Back button will not show on the survey until you turn it on in Survey Options >> Responses.  

    Even if you have the setting enabled in your survey options, a back button may not appear on a survey page in some cases. This is due to the presence of elements between blocks in your survey flow. Any element (branch logic, embedded data, randomizer, web service, and etc.) will disable the back button on the first page of the block after it.

    Showing where you can find survey options and back button turn on

    To make the submit button work, make sure there are no page breaks in that section.  If you did not check the tiny box in the display logic setting, the display logics can be page breaks.  If I can, I usually only put one question in the last block.  Follow the same steps as for the Next button, but instead of Next, type Submit.

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