Class Collaborate FAQs

Common questions and answers are listed in this Class Collaborate FAQ article. We continue to update as we find additional questions and answers.

The following is a listing of Class Collaborate frequently asked questions (FAQs) we have received over the past year with answers and reference to knowledge base articles for more information.

      1. How do Instructor’s access Class Collaborate Ultra?

      In Blackboard Learn original, Class Collaborate Ultra can be located in the Tools area. Learn more about accessing Class Collaborate.

      2. How to get student’s attendance report?

      You can view reports from the list of sessions in your Class Collaborate tool. Follow these steps to get the students attendance report.

      3. How will I create a session?

      • In your Blackboard Learn original course, go to Tools, click on Class Collaborate Ultra.
      • On the Class collaborate Ultra page, select Create Session. Type the name of your session in Session Name tab. Choose the start and end date and time for the session.
      • Click Create.

      4. How will I start share content in a session?

      • Open the application (PowerPoint) you wish to share prior to sharing.
      • Click the Share Content icon shown right.

      • Choose the type of content you wish to display and follow the on-screen prompt to select the file or application from your computer.       

       Note: Presenters sharing for the first time may need to download an application. This is a quick, one time, download.

      5. How Can I start polling?

          Polling allows you to ask yes/no questions or up to 5 response choices. You will need to prepare the question and possible choices on either a PPT slide or the white board.

      • Access the polling feature from Share Content.
      • Select poll type – number of choices. 
      • Click Start.
      • Click Stop Sharing to close the file or application

      6. Can I download a Collaborate Ultra recording?

      Yes. You must set the Course Room/Session Settings to allow downloads before joining the room/session. Be aware that this will also allow students to download the Collaborate Ultra recording.


      7. Can I report an issue during live session?

      Yes, Class collaborate ultra lets you report an issue during live session. You can learn more about it reporting an issue during live session.


      8. How do students access Class Collaborate Ultra within their course?

      • In Blackboard Learn original, Class Collaborate Ultra is found in the Tools area of each course.
      • Select the session, and select Join Course Room.


      9. Where can I find my Collaborate Ultra recordings?

      • First, you will open Blackboard and go to the course you want to find the recording for and along the left side you will click tools.
      • Then look for the link titled “Class Collaborate Ultra” and click that
      • Then click on the three lines over to your left and switch your view from sessions to recordings.
      • Look for the recording you want and click the three dots in a circle on the right on the recording

      •  Then you will see options to watch or download the recording (if the instructor has allowed for downloading).

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