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Model 9611 Phone Features and Support

Basic phone features for Model 9611 Phones

Basic Phone Features

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  • Call Forward all calls (To have all your calls ring at another phone)

    • To Activate:
      • Listen for dial tone
      • Dial *2, hear dial tone
      • Dial extension
      • Hear confirmation tone (***)
      • Hang up
    • To Cancel:
      • Listen for Dial Tone
      • Dial #22, hear confirmation tone (***)
      • Hang up
  • Call Pick-up (To answer a ringing phone in your pick-up group)

    • Listen for dial tone, Dial *7 and begin talking
    • Or press the pick-up button and then begin talking
  • Send all Calls (SAC) (Phone will not ring and will route the next point of coverage)

    • To activate:
      • Press the SAC button (shows green light when activated)
    • To cancel:
      • Press the SAC Button (no light when not activated)
  • Conference a call with another person (Can conference up to six persons including yourself)

    • Press Conf
    • Dial the number
    • Press join after the person answers
    • To add another person:
      • Press Add
      • Dial the number
      • Press join after the person answers   
  • Transfer a call

    • Press transfer
    • Dial the number to transfer the call to
    • Press call
    • See the question - transfer now or talk with 1XXXX?
      • Press now to blind transfer
      • Press talk to announce the call
        • Press complete to join the parties together
  • EC500 (Extension to Cellular)

    • To activate:
      • Press EC500 button
    • To cancel:
      • Press EC500 button

Find more information in the Quick Reference Guide

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