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LockDown Browser – Respondus Instructor Troubleshooting

This is an overview on some troubleshooting tips for Instructors using Respondus LockDown browser.

Note: Unstable Internet connections and/or temporary disruptions may cause a student to get ‘kicked out’ of a test before they’re done. To avoid as many issues as possible, ask students not to use a wireless Internet connection to take the test!


Issue: Students are ‘kicked out’ of the test or Respondus LockDown Browser ‘freezes’ while taking the test. Students may or may not see any error messages when this happens.

Solution: The student’s Internet connection was disrupted temporarily or disconnected. Students should contact you to request another test attempt if they weren’t able to continue the test.

Issue: Students are prompted to enter a password, even if you didn’t require one.

Solution 1: Make sure they aren’t trying to open the test in a browser other than Respondus LockDown Browser.

Solution 2: If they ARE using the LockDown Browser and see the password prompt, you will need to follow the steps below to reset the Respondus LockDown Browser requirement.

Issue: Students see “There is a problem with the LockDown Browser settings for this test.” – You have changed the Test Options for the test after enabling Respondus LockDown Browser.

Solution: Use the steps below to reset the Respondus LockDown Browser requirement.

Reset the test to restore Respondus LockDown Browser functionality:

After Respondus LockDown Browser has been enabled for a test these four settings should not be changed in the Test Options – if changed, students will not be able to open the test in the LockDown Browser:

  • Name: “- Requires Respondus LockDown Browser” was automatically added to the test name
  • Open Test in a New Window: “Yes” is required - do not select “No”
  • Password: CHECK is required – do not UNCHECK this box
  • Password: DO NOT change or delete the auto-generated password consisting of numbers and letters
    • If you uncheck the Password checkbox OR delete or change the auto-generated password in Test Options, students can open the test using ANY browser!
    • DO NOT give the Respondus generated password in the Test Options to students – this internal password will NOT work!

  1. Open the course in Blackboard
  2. Click Course Tools (below Control Panel), select Respondus LockDown Browser
  3. Click the “Fix It” button – “Error” and “Fix it” is replaced by “Required”
    Respondus lockdown browser button that says Fix It
  4. If you must change the test name, Edit the Test Options, then use steps 1-3 to re-enable Respondus LockDown Browser functionality

To Require a Password for the Test:

DO NOT enter your password in the Test Options password field!

  1. Click Course Tools > Respondus LockDown Browser
  2. Click the down-arrow icon to the left of the Test name > Settings
  3. Select “Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this test” > click the + symbol to expand “Password Settings”, if necessary
  4. Type the password in the box provided
  5. Click Save + Close > give students this password to take the test

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