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Blackboard Learn Original - Blogs and Journals

Blogs and Journals in Blackboard Learn Original are very similar in looks and behavior. They both provide Blog like features and functionalities. The key difference between the two is that Blogs are shared within the course, and journals are designed as private between instructor and student, but can be set to shared with the other students.

Blogs and Journals

Comparison of Blogs and Journals




 Course-wide (overall course)
  • Can create any number of blogs
  • Anyone can post to the blog
  • Option to enable anonymous blog entries
  • Create a Course Blog
  •  not applicable as journals are individual between student and instructor
  • Accessed via group area
  • Must set up groups and enable blogs
  • Any member of group can post
  • Anyone in group can view and post comments
  • Add a blog link in the course menu for easy access
  • Anonymous blog entries and comments may be made, if instructor enables this feature
  • View Create Groups
  • View Blog settings
  • Accessed via Group area
  • Must set up groups and enable Journals
  • Any member of group can post
  • All group members can see each other's journal posts
  • Can choose whether non-group members should be able to view posts by group members or not, default non-groups members can view journal posts of other groups
  • View Create Groups
  • View Journal settings
  • Accessed via Blogs screen or by adding Blog to Content area from Tools Menu
  • Each user has their own area where they can post (click on their own name to find it)
  • All students can read and make comments
  • Only anonymous comments may be made
  • View more information
  • These are best added within a Content area from the Tools menu
  • Each user has their own journal
  • Instructors can set the journals to be private or shared
  • A private journal can only be viewed by the student themselves and the instructor, the shared journal can be read by all course users
  • No anonymous posts or comments
  • View more information

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