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Voicemail in Web Browser - Text Message Notification to Cellphone

The Text Message Notification feature sends notifications about new voicemail box messages to a cellphone.

Use this feature to set up notification to your cellphone of a new message that was received in your voicemail box. Please check with your provider as using this feature may incur additional charges to your cellphone.

To set this up click the message forward tile Voicemail Message Forward Tile from the voicemail web portal

then click add new forwarding address Voicemail Add New Forwarding Address

For notification you need to click the radio button send to specified destination.  This destination must be your cellphone number@your carrier. For this example, Verizon is used.  Please see the Carrier Address for Notification chart below for your carrier.  Use the SMS address for notification by text only.  Forward type needs to be Relay and Voice needs to be checked.

Use the carriers MMS address with your cellphone number if you would like the speech to text translation as well, when you do this you must check the box to include attachment(s).

Voicemail Add New Forwarding Address Form Example

This is an example what your text on your cellphone will look like when you receive the notification.

Voicemail Notification Example - iPhone Text Message

This is what your text message will look like when you have the attachment box checked.  The wav file of the voicemail is now included.

Voicemail Notification Example - iPhone Text Message - Attachment Included

Carrier Addresses for Notification

Use this list to determine the correct address for your carrier that needs to be programmed in the send to specified destination field:

Voicemail Specified Destination Carrier Entry Example

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