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Blackboard - Copying Tests to Another Course

Instructors can use these steps to Copy all tests, surveys, and pools OR Export and Import Blackboard tests, surveys, and pools to use in other courses.

Blackboard tests, surveys, and pools can be copied from one course to another using two different options. All tests in a course can be copied over to another course at once, or individual tests can be exported and imported one at a time. Instructions for these options are listed below.
Note: Whether you choose to copy all tests at once or export and import tersts individually they all are copied to or saved in the Tests, Surveys, and Pools section of the course. To deploy the tests andd use them in your course, they will need to be added, individually, to your content areas to be made available for students.

Copy All Tests to Another Course

This procedure copies all tests, surveys, and pools from one course to another. You must be enrolled as Instructor or Teaching assistance in each of the courses to complete this work.

  1. Make a note of the Blackboard ID of the course you want the Tests copied into
  2. Go to the course you want to copy the tests from
  3. Go to Control Panel > Packages and Utlilities
  4. Copy Course
  5. Select Copy Type > Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course
  6. Select Copy Options > *Destination Course ID > enter the ID for the course you want the tests copied into (you can also select browse to search for the course ID)
  7. Scroll down and check the box for Tests, Surveys, and Pools
  8. Scroll to bottom, right and select Submit
  9. All of the Test, Surveys, and Pools will be copied over to the other course you selected.

Export Test, Surveys, and Pools

Tests are exported one-at-a-time from a course as .ZIP files and imported into another course. The .ZIP file can be downloaded to Local Computer or to Content Collection.

  1. Open the course where the exam is currently stored
  2. Select Course Tools > Tests, Surveys, and Pools > Tests
  3. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the test title to be exported, options available are:
    • > Export to Local Computer > generally the .ZIP file will automatically save to your Downloads folder, or Save File (if prompted)
    • > Export to Content Collection > Export Test and select a folder in your Content Collect to store the .ZIP file
  4. Make sure you note where the downloaded test was saved
  5. DO NOT unpackage the ZIP file
  6. Note: make sure the browser you are using does NOT automatically unpackage the .ZIP file. Some browsers may have a setting selected to unpackage "safe" files.

Import Test, Surveys, and Pools

  1. Open the course where the exam will be imported
  2. Select Course Tools > Tests, Surveys, and Pools > Tests > Import Test
  3. Browse to the location you saved your downloaded (exported) ZIP file > Open > Submit
    • .ZIP file save to Local computer, or
    • .ZIP file saved to Content Collection
  4. The test will now be available to be deployed in a content area of your course

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