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Grouper - Bulk upload members

Grouper allows you to make bulk changes to group membership (add, replace, or remove members)

To add a bulk list of members to a group in Grouper,

  1. Navigate to the group
  2. Click the More actions button
  3. Choose Import members from the selection menu
  4. Specify the members by either
    1. Search for members (one at a time)
    2. Copy/paste a list of member IDs
      1. Paste a list of identifiers in all lowercase into the text area.
        For identifiers, you may use any combination of username (e.x., first.last), Emplid, or NID (numeric ID). Space, comma, semicolon, and newline are all valid identifier delimiters. This is case-sensitive (all lowercase username)
      2. If you have a small number of users, click the Validate Entries button
        If any identifiers do not match any active individual, an error will display and the valid identifiers that are staged for group addition will be listed
        Any import larger than about 30 likely won't validate. Anything in the hundreds or thousands won't valid and you should skip this step.
    3. Import a file
      Click the Browse... button to select a file containing a list of identifiers in all lowercase for upload. For identifiers, you may use username (e.x., first.last), Emplid, or NID (numeric ID). Each identifier should be on a new line. This is case-sensitive (all lowercase username)
  5. If the group membership should be cleared and replaced with the provided list of members, check the Replace existing members? checkbox. Alternatively, to append this list of members to any existing members, leave the Replace existing members? checkbox unchecked
  6. If the list is intended as a group of members to add leave the Remove members? checklist unchecked. To remove the listed members from the group, check the Remove members? checkbox
  7. Click Submit to perform the bulk group modification
Note that large uploads may take a while. Even if it gives you an error or times out, know that it is still processing your request. If you upload hundreds or even thousands of records, it will take minutes to process.

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